Vote In Our New American Horror Story Coven Poll! If You Could Have A Witchy Power…

How many times have you been watching a witch on American Horror Story Coven doing something an ordinary person can’t and thought, You know, that’d come in pretty handy a few times. I know I have. Being able to do something you’d normally get in trouble for (nothing too horrible) and then telling whoever saw it or helped you, “I’d thank you, but of course you won’t remember any of this” like Fiona can? Or just wave someone inconvenient out of the room? Yeah, that’d be pretty cool. Looking like I was thirty or so for decades after that would be pretty sweet, too. However, that’s when the longtime horror fan in me kicks in. I’ve been reading 50s EC Comics since the 80s, which would be enough to scare me off magical anti-aging cures as it is. Combine that with seeing even more mainstream movies like Death Becomes Her, and my brain will remind me of way too many ways that could go horribly, horribly wrong. Plus, there’s usually a huge price to pay for it (selling your soul being the most common).  Many of Stephen King’s best books –take Carrie, The Dead Zone, Firestarter, and The Shining (all of which I’ve also been re-reading since the 80s), for example– teach readers that mind-reading, pyrokinesis, and telekinesis have a serious dark side.  Let’s not over-think it, though, and go with the American Horror Story Coven rules for these powers  (some of which Coven has already showed us the ways these powers can backfire, especially if you need intensive training on how to control them).   Whose power/s are you REALLY envious of?  Tell Horror Boom in this poll, then see the results so far, and don’t worry, your anonymity is perfectly safe; even the person in charge of everything (that’d be Mrs. Horror Boom here) couldn’t ID you. Have fun!

We were unable to find the artist/copyright for this cool piece of work. If whoever created it wants credit or would like us to take it down, please contact us and we'll be happy to.

We were unable to find the artist/copyright for this cool piece of work. If whoever created it wants credit or would like us to take it down, please contact us and we’ll be happy to.

Film Review: ‘Carrie’

Sounds like they did the best they could… but the original is a very, very tough act to follow.

Cover art released for Penguin Horror series curated by Guillermo del Toro — EXCLUSIVE

WE WANT ‘EM ALL! Awesome cover art, awesome set! Be sure to hit the link and check out the’s exclusive gallery – amazing stuff.

Under the Dome: Which ‘Burning’ Questions Were Answered in Week 2? (Spoiler Alert)Which Lives Were Lost?

Well, I’m a little past page 700 right now, and less than a week has gone by (with all hell breaking loose including, riots, arson, murders, suicides, murder-suicides, and more). Since there’s 13 episodes, the “covering one day per episode” comment made by one of the producers in this previous article either means they’re going to be doing a lot of re-structuring, or going back on the 13-day thing. Re-structuring means there’ll be some major deviations from the Stephen King novel, so I’m curious how they’re going to do this.  If you are too, be sure to check out the piece under “Related Articles” below and the changes from the novel.

Now if you’ll excuse me here, I’m going back to reading…


Under the Dome Recap Duke Dead House FireThis week on CBS’ Under the Dome, the residents of Chester’s Mill learned a bit more about their frightful fishbowl, and along the way bid a tragic adieu to two neighbors.

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* In flashback, we learned that Barbie was after Julia’s husband Peter to “pay up,” but was confronting him merely to give a scare. But when Peter pulled a(n empty) pistol, the men scuffled and Peter wound up on the fatal receiving end of a gunshot. Later, after Barbie retrieves his dog tags from the site of the fight, we (and Julia) learn his full name: Dale Barbara. Yeah… “Barbie” might actually be better.

* About the dome itself: By young (and smart!) Joe’s calculations, the barrier measures about 10 miles across, encasing Chester’s Mill and some of an adjacent lake. And while the…

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‘Under the Dome’ ratings big for summer

It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a drop in the ratings for the next episode of Under the Dome… with the numbers they’re pulling now, I doubt it’ll be a big one.


Did CBS’ Under the Dome Pull You In? Plus: Executive Producers Reveal What’s Next!

We liked it better than we thought we would. Ole Mrs. Horror Boom here (the hardcore Stephen King fan in the staff whose parents may or may not have made an error in judgement when they bought her a copy of Night Shift and then The Shining when she was barely in the sixth grade, but long-term, The Mrs. doesn’t have any regrets) just had it on at first when she was doing some online housekeeping. Then that hapless cow got bisected like an anatomy exhibit (and hey, someone made a .gif, click here to peep it), Dean Norris as “Big Jim” Rennie showed up, more hell started breaking loose, and it held serious interest for me. I even started to tackle my giant hardcover copy, which I’d only made it about 100 pages into because it didn’t grab me the way King’s books usually do…but that’s another story. By the time you read this, I’ll be on page 450, and the only thing that slowed me down was the latest issue of Fangoria showing in the mail Wednesday. For one thing, I HAD to know what those propane tanks were being misappropriated for. Here’s a hint (SPOILER ALERT): you know that other show Dean Norris is on? The one also involving certain VERY illegal activities? Yeah, that stuff, though I doubt it’ll be blue. He’s just on the other side this time, which is going to be hard to get used to for us obsessed Breaking Bad mega-fans. Anyway, here has a brief outline of the core characters and set-up, then drops some hints about what else we can expect (and not expect).


English: Dean Norris.


Since this isn’t a mini-series–though we’ll have to get back to you on exactly how many shows this “batch of episodes” mentioned by exec producers constitutes–we’ll be getting back to you with more updates. If they really do want to have each episode amount to one day (which we’re not thrilled about, since I don’t even think it’s been a week so far and a TON of shit has gone down including BIG reveals, major deaths, and some things they’re really, really going to have to tone down or leave out entirely because they’re too graphic and brutal for CBS –and yeah, we’ve seen some *nasty* content on CSI) they have their work cut out for them either doing some very, very tight plotting and action, or cutting so much out it takes the quality of the show down notches. Here’s hoping they won’t fuck it up too bad, but so far, we’ll give it a B for the pilot, as we did in the poll contained in the article. Oh, and if you really want more spoilers from us (though you could also just ask someone you know who’s read the epic-length novel), comment or drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do…





under-the-dome-300Under the Dome made its debut on Monday at 10/9c (CBS) — did it capture your attention?

Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the summer drama takes place in Chester’s Mill, a sleepy rural town that is suddenly encompassed by a gigantic, transparent dome. There’s no explanation for the new enclosure, but it’s causing disaster left and right — including a plane crash that leaves no survivors.

Despite Chester’s Mill’s seemingly harmless atmosphere — after all, the town’s biggest concern is a newly constructed Denny’s stealing business from the local diner — we quickly learn that its inhabitants are hiding secrets of their own.

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Among the colorful characters are Dale “Barbie” Barbara (Bates Motel’s Mike Vogel), a mysterious former Army Captain who we learn is responsible for a murder, despite his trustworthy nature; Sheriff Perkins (Lost’s Jeff…

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Stephen King unearths origin of ‘The Shining’ sequel ‘Doctor Sleep’ — EXCLUSIVE (

Right now? Unless it gets terrible terrible reviews, I’m doing the pre-order from Amazon deal, where I get it in the mail the DAY it is released. Don’t even have to leave my house before I fall into the book.


R.I.P. Robert F. Chew, The Wire’s Proposition Joe – TV – Newswire (The A.V. Club)

Oh man, as Wire fans, we were really sorry to hear about this. We’re going to miss this big guy. Check out some of the great clips from The Wire in The Onion A.V. Club below. They’ll make you smile.

R.I.P. Robert F. Chew, The Wire’s Proposition Joe | TV | Newswire | The A.V. Club.


Also, here’s a few of our favorite lines from Proposition Joe. Wire fans usually say that Omar Little got all the best lines, but the writers did a fine job of spreading them out among the ensemble casts (cops and criminals alike), so that each character got at least a few lines that you wish could fit on a T-shirt and give you a grin every time you remember them.


I’m Proposition Joe. You steal from me, I’ll kill your whole family.

(To Omar Little)
Business men, such as myself, does not believe in bad blood with a man such as yourself. Disturbs the sleep.

(Repeated line)

I’ve got a proposition for you.

Also, if you’ve been meaning to watch the series, don’t put it off any longer– no time like the present, and sooner rather than later you’ll be thinking, Where the hell has this show BEEN all my life?  We watch the entire series about once every year and a half, and even on multiple viewings,  notice something we miss every time. Also, there’s not one weak episode – the idea of skipping an episode to get to the next one where some serious shit goes down will never cross your mind. Many of our friends admit to having lost sleep because they HAD to watch the rest of the season through to the finale. Just beware (or at least tread cautiously) when mentioning to longtime fans that you’re watching it; since the series wrapped in 2008, many believe that statute of limitations on spoilers has run out and will blurt out something you wish you could have seen first.



Dylan McDermott Joins Stephen King Adaptation Mercy

Dylan McDermott Joins Stephen King Adaptation Mercy.