Trick ‘R Treat director’s new holiday horror Krampus gets a trailer!

Now this is more like it! Hope this gets a regular theatrical release, since it’ll be here just in time for the holidays!

There’s one place that the genre doesn’t explore nearly enough and that is Christmas. Sure, there are plenty of classic holiday horror films—Black Christmas, Silent Night Deadly Night, and Gremlins come to mind—but it’s still a largely untapped area for the genre (at least as far as good horror goes). That’s why Michael Dougherty’s Krampus is such a special occasion because not only is this his first film since 2007’s Halloween classic Trick ‘R Treat, but his latest is going straight for the throat of the Christmas season. Better hope you’re not on the naughty list!

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Review: The Editor, cutting room carnage

We are going to be checking this out as soon as we can!

Long gone are the days of giallo cinema, a genre that really came into its own during the 70s and 80s with films like Deep RedTenebrae and Stagefright leaving an indelible mark on horror. While the genre has almost become a lost art in the world of film, every once in a while we see a movie that captures the very spirit of Italy’s neon thrillers. And although they are few and far between, a modern-day giallo film is a nice little treat to the genre, especially when they’re as bloody red and ridiculous as Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy’s The Editor. In it, a film editor with a wooden hand gets entangled in a web of murders in which he becomes the prime suspect.

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