Thanks, Everyone – Horror Boom Hit 1,000 Posts! Plus, Other Site News.

Hey, fellow fright fiends!

We here at Horror Boom had a big milestone recently, which is …the fact that we hit one thousand posts! Also, this site is coming up on its third anniversary.  We actually hit a thousand posts earlier in the year, but were too busy to put up anything special about it (more on that later). Now we’re at 1,125 posts, so that averages out to roughly a post a day. We couldn’t have done it if no-one showed any interest in the site, but once we started getting posts up regularly, you guys kept coming back… and we really appreciate it.

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Speaking of regular posts, we are aware that we are not publishing as much as usual, especially over the past couple months. The deal is that we have a family member in a health crisis, one that escalated pretty fast, and since the staff here only includes two of us, we’ve been either too busy focusing on that, stressing out, or too worn out to write a post. Please hang in there, and we appreciate you being patient with the low output. Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere (well, we don’t plan to, anyway) and will do our best to post as much as we can while this is going on. Anyone who has dropped us an email in hopes of us checking out their movie, short, or other horror budget, we are sorry for the delay in responding; and we are NOT blowing you off! There’s just a backlog of mail to deal with, then there will be a backlog of movies/projects to watch and check out. Don’t let these delays stop you from sending stuff to us for review! We are always happy to hear from you, we just don’t get to check the mail as much as we’d like these days.


If you want more frequent updates, we have some cool stuff on the linked Horror Boom Facebook page. It only takes a couple of minutes to post, so if you get antsy for new stuff, check it out here! Also, if you like what you see, please do give us a like on Facebook. If yu have a horror-related site, we’ll give it a like back.

Furthermore, we have plenty of news, new trailers, and lists for you, so there’s no danger of running out of things to write about. Thanks again for being patient and sticking with us!

Stay Scared (yes, we stole that from what George Romero signs on his autograph),

Mr. and Mrs. Horror Boom



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