Scary Short Horror – Two more Creepers From The Creators of “Lights Out” (Bloody Cuts Award Winner)

So did you see the post here where we featured “Lights Out,” which won the prize–along with some awards– for Best Direction in the Bloody Cuts “Who’s There?” Film  Challenge? No? If you haven’t, watch these two shorts first and save Lights Out, the strongest of all of the series of shorts that take place in the same apartment with the same actress.

Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 8.14.49 AM

First, though, check these out. Both have very little gore and could probably be suitable for kids (if they want a real scare). There’s also little-to-no dialogue, and only one (human) character. They also can frighten you even when watched in broad daylight.

First, there’s “Pictured”…

Then, because she didn’t have enough damn sense to move out of this apartment, “Cam Closer” below:

Finally, whether or not you’ve seen “Lights Out”, we DARE you to watch (or re-watch) with the lights off and the sound cranked.

That one is scary every time.





8 thoughts on “Scary Short Horror – Two more Creepers From The Creators of “Lights Out” (Bloody Cuts Award Winner)

  1. Thank you, thank you for sharing these GREAT horror shorts. I loved them all. I think “Pictured” scared me the most. The ending was awesome!

        • I hear you! I watched most of them after dark, like at 3AM, with my husband and our two cats sleeping in the bed with me peacefully, and STILL immediately regretted watching them after dark. In the future I am going to do my damnedest to contact the filmmaker/s and try to get any kind of an interview. I have sat through so many shitty, lazy short horror films to find the good ones like this, usually only about one in a dozen that I feel good about putting up on Horror Boom, knowing I am not wasting the time of any other horror fans. Then I would say one in 20 of the mediocre( or less than mediocre) ones are real gems like this. The Mama short film is still probably the one that just terrifies me on a primal level. The first time I watched it was after dark, which not the wisest decision on my part… still gives me chills even in daytime!

    • Yes, good short horror films like the ones you posted really are hard to find. I haven’t seen the Mama short film! I will hunt for it and watch it… during broad daylight. You watched soem of the films at around 3 AM? Wow… I didn’t use to make something out of 3 AM but after watching a short video related to “The Conjuring” movie (where they explained what 3 AM really means), I no longer view 3 AM as something as simple as a time in that clock. Lol.

      • well, go here…

        I have Mama up and a few others you may not have seen yet. They are all scary AF! I know those Conjuring short movies you mean. “The Last Dive” was the best. Perfect. I mean I hit the goddamned ceiling, and I was watching it in the smallest window of my laptop that I could! Around the time the movie came out in theaters I had a dare going–see the Conjuring, then come home and that same night watch all three of those shorts with the lights off at 3:33 (or time it so they end at 3:33). NOT ONE READER would take me up on it! Not that I really blame them! “The Last Dive” one needs to go up on the site too; I am saving that and a few others I have hidden up my sleeve because there are so few really awesome ones that I am worried I will run dry, so I am spacing them out more… or else I will run out if I put up one a week! Anyway, check out the link for Mama and vote in the poll, if you can!

        Hope to see you back around Horror Boom more often, us female horror fans need to stick together! 😉

  2. I will DEFINITELY check that link and savor each and every short horror posted there. Thanks!!! 😀 Your dare sounds awesome, although I know that as much as I love horror, I don’t have enough guts to watch any at past 3 AM all alone and with the lights off. Lol. Putting up that Conjuring short film here would be great. I think other readers would love to see that one. And yes, sure. I will check Horror Boom on a regular basis. You have great stuff here (content and your writing style). I’m glad I discovered your blog! 🙂

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