Review: Latest Sasquatch Found Footage Film ‘Exists’ is Probably Nothing To Bother With

“Whatever one thinks of “Blair Witch,” it wasn’t just a trendsetter in the horror genre; it also functioned as a savvy experiment in the psychology of fear for its characters and the audience. “Exists” harbors no such ambitions, instead throwing out every hoary cliché in the rampaging-monster-movie playbook and practically daring viewers to find a reason to invest in its cardboard characters and borderline-indiscernible suspense sequences, alternately shrouded in darkness or rendered incomprehensible by nausea-inducing handheld camerawork.”

Yeah, Geoff Berkshire (’s reviewer) really didn’t like this movie. No-one either of us know liked this movie– not a review, not an audience member, not an Amazon customer review (Exists is on VOD), no-one. People who found-footage horror despised it and a common comment among them was that Exists (with that lazy, blah title not exactly sweetening the deal) is the kind of FF movie that gives all the other movies in the genre a bad name.
Feel free to make up your own mind, needless to say. But we wanted to give you a heads-up: you have been warned that this movie is so bad it will actually make you angry. There’s a ton of great new VOD out recently, check out one of those and skip this one… or wait and see Exists for free when it comes to Netflix.


Click “View original” in the lower left to read the whole miserable review…

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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