CONFIRMED! Naomi Grossman Back As Pinhead Pepper on American Horror Story Freak Show – YES!

We’ll be adding more later, but for now we have this photo as proof (Source: Weekly).

Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 2.03.50 AM

Again, as we made no effort to even begin to hide here, the first official photo of Ms. Grossman as Pepper is the property of Entertainment Weekly– they own the copyright, not us.  There was no way were going to miss showing you the screencap, though! PLUS, we know Pepper won’t get killed off, since Freak Show takes place in the 1950s (and the present, but this is clearly the 50s time period) and Asylum took place in the 1960s.

This will also mark the first time in American Horror Story’s four-season run that any character has ever recurred. Now come on– if you got to pick a character to see again, wouldn’t awesome Pepper be your first choice?

We actually had heard rumors about this before, but didn’t want to post anything until we knew for sure (in fact, we waited to the point where who knows, you might have heard this days ago, but we’re sure as hell posting it now). One of the people that said they saw “Pinhead” on the call sheet also told us that Glenn Close was appearing in the Coven finale, and we know how that went.

More as it comes in. Best news we’ve heard since we saw Tim Minear was penning the season premiere!


She's baaaack!

She’s baaaack!


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Click “View original” in the lower left to read the entire article. There’s an American Horror Story Freak Show media blitz coming (actually, happening) so you’ll hear more soon. Meanwhile, don’t miss this one. There’s a TON of new info!

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