Doc Jensen on ‘The Strain’ — and when real life interrupts TV

OK, Mrs. Horror Boom HAD written up a fairly eloquent intro to this intelligent (and sad) piece by Jeff “Doc” Jensen on, which included two intelligent, thoughtful reviews and some really good point about The Strain, but then the goddamned laptop suddenly crashed and for the only time, WordPress didn’t save a draft for me. Also there’s a heat wave that makes me feel like any moment, I’m going to melt into one of the winos in Street Trash who drank “Viper”, so I don’t have the energy to start from scratch (apologies). I will add a caution that when the article comes to the “when real life interrupts TV” portion, you might not want to read it somewhere you don’t want people to see you getting choked up. Click “view original” in the lower left to read the entire article – if you’re a fan of “The Strain”, we can’t recommend it enough!