Godzilla 2014 VS. The Editing Room – Read The Abridged Script Here!

AARON gets free and makes himself busy realizing the monster is RIGHT BEHIND HIM, UH-OH! He spots BRYAN on a CATWALK just as the KAIJU DESTROYS IT! BRYAN plummets forty feet to the GROUND and despite it being a summer blockbuster, is actually MORTALLY WOUNDED!



I know this sounds weird coming from me, son, but you gotta do whatever it takes… to protect your family.


Like fail to warn anyone, save anyone, or change anything from happening how it would have anyway?


Oh, fuck you.


-From the Abridged Script By Alex W. (on Jun 12th, 2014)

OK, so The Editing Room didn’t like it as much as we did, but the script is hilarious (and we admit, makes some good points). Also, look for at least one other Breaking Bad reference besides the one above! Click below to check it out and get a good laugh.

Godzilla 2014: The Abridged Script | The Editing Room.

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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