“Cut” (2013): Watch This Fun Little Gem, Another Winner From “Who’s There” Horror Short Contest!

Straight up! This one won’t scare the bejeezus out of you, give you nightmares, insomnia, possibly soiled underwear, etc like “Lights Out,” our pick for the scariest short horror film of May.

“Cut” is another winner from this cool contest for Best Cinematography, and we enjoyed it as much as the judges clearly did. This little flick was written and directed by Peter Lemper. Take a gander below…

By the way, the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge sported some pretty impressive judges; more on that later, but how would you feel if Joe Dante, the Soska Sisters, or Gale Ann Hurd picked your entry as an award-winner for this challenge? Now imagine all three of them plus seven others (plus Drew Daywalt, who is mainly known for a series of short horror films including the pretty goddamned scary short Bedfellows, widely agreed to be one of the most frightening short films of the last ten years) said your film stood out over all the other entries.

More entries will definitely be posted, we’re going through them now. It’s taking a little longer because we need to watch most of them before it gets dark out. Right now this writer is currently keeping the sleeping hours of a crack whore,* thus the delay. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, here’s links to some really nightmarish shorts we’ve featured as “Scariest of the Week”.  Not all the ones we EVER poster (you can type “horror short” in the Search box up top if you feel like going all of them at once, which we don’t recommend if you need to sleep sometime in the next 24 hours); for this list, we stuck to four Drew Daywalt creations. At least one of these, but probably all of them, will scare the shit out of you.



Mockingbird (very short but with a nasty kick in the teeth)


(Seriously, don’t watch them all in a row after dark. You have now been officially warned).

Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 7.06.29 AM


*NOT voluntarily. Mrs. Horror Boom here has blown off entire careers so I can keep my own hours and sleep till noon if I want instead of getting up when it’s still dark out to go to an office that I don’t even want to be at. Being self-employed is really, really cool, but I didn’t do it to have the complexion of someone in the first stages of zombie infection. Let’s hope by oh, Independence Day, I’ll work my way around to WAY more daylight so I don’t have to start taking vitamin D supplements.

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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