Here’s The True Blood Season 7 Full-Length Trailer: Shit Just Got Real! (Plus Screencaps)

Managed to get screencaps of most of the really messed-up/interesting images, then had technical difficulties. The gallery below still is missing a few of the really fast ones, working on a bigger gallery). Watch for more soon -looks like shit is going to get real!

Here’s the first full-length trailer for the final (sniffle) season of True Blood:

Man, we miss Alan Ball being showrunner. OK, the hell with tactfully hinting around. We miss Ball because we think the new guy in charge (we don’t even respect him enough to look up the correct spelling of his name–Brad Buckner? Something like that, and we’re still nowhere near as lazy as he is) is a condescending, smug hack who’s responsible for fucking up last season, especially the finale,  badly enough that it resulted in the show’s cancellation and hopeful fans only having ten more new episodes of TB.  So there’s that.


Click to see the larger versions of anything in the gallery below…



‘Godzilla’: See Exclusive Clip From With Lots of M.U.T.O and Kaiju Action!

If you have to wait till Saturday or later to catch Godzilla (we’re buying our tickets online in a few hours for the Saturday night showing), here’s an action-heavy clip to keep you going till then. Side Note: if you’re familiar with Seattle, then you’ll know it’s playing at THE best place to see a movie hereabouts …the glamorous, glorious Cinerama, a single-screen, LARGE theater built before I was born and when there were no multiplexes, just one huge theater, one huge movie that Paul Allen saved from being torn down AND refurbished it. Plus, real butter on the popcorn) and shows there opening Friday night often sell out.
Anyway, click here (or on the ‘view original’ link on the lower left) for the cool-ass exclusive clip from featuring not one but TWO giant radioactive monsters destroying an airport. For all I know there’s a third in there.

(SPOILER ALERT, though not that huge of one if you’ve been following coverage) From what I’ve read of the plot, at least one horrible MUTO or “massive unidentified terrestrial organism,” shows up before the Big Guy and wreaks total havoc (sounds like there should be an “MF” before the acronym, but then it’d be less easy to verbalize) at more than one site; for one thing, their preferred snack is a nuclear bomb. I’m going to take a wild guess–I don’t know if it happens, just speculating–that one turns out to be female and pregnant (which would explain why it would might be slightly moody and seriously fuck up everything that gets in its way, and possibly the weird food cravings). There’s at least one that can fly and another that looks spider-ish (you see the first one in the trailer, and the second in the clip).  (END OF SPOILERS)

Screen shot 2014-05-17 at 4.24.14 AM

Hope that clip tides you over… Oooh man, it’s gonna be a long wait till Saturday! If you want to read the capsule review (they gave it a B-) you can click here.

(Click on ‘view original’ in the lower left to get the clip)

The Teaser Trailer For V/H/S Viral, AKA V/H/S 3, Has Arrived – Check It Out Here (With Story Details)!

Along with a couple of screen grabs …not all of them crystal clear, but the good ones flash by really fast and are hard to catch (we’ll see what we can do about getting more)!   It doesn’t have a ton of footage, but what it does have it enough the whet the appetite, though we could do without the torture porn-y looking shot or two. Also, don’t let the freeze frame for the trailer fool you; Tank, the poor, poor dog from “Alien Abduction Slumber Party” in the final segment from V/H/S 2 isn’t in this installment, they’re just showing a flurry of memorable moments from the first two flicks before they get into the new movie.  Check it out below!

Pretty sure after “Safe Haven” (and “A Ride In the Park” wasn’t too shabby, either) from V/H/S 2, we’re prepared for anything, but unless it gets 100% shitty reviews, we’re watching it one minute after midnight on the release date for VOD. Here’s the official, (and slightly different from the past two) plot description for trusty ole Magnet Releasing:

V/H/S: Viral features segments from directors Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, Extraterrestrial), Marcel Sarmiento (ABCs of Death segment “D is for Dogfight”), Gregg Bishop (The Birds of Anger), Justin Benson (Wrecked) and Todd Lincoln (The Apparition).

V/H/S/: Viral’s segments include the story of a deranged illusionist who obtains a magical object of great power, a homemade machine that opens a door to a parallel world, teenage skaters that unwillingly become targets of a Mexican death cult ritual, and a sinister, shadowy organization that is tracking a serial killer. The segments are tied together by the story of a group of fame-obsessed teens following a violent car chase in LA that unwittingly become stars of the next internet sensation.


Seriously, virtually ANYTHING could be happening here. It looked interestingly gory, so we grabbed it. Any guesses?

Seriously, virtually ANYTHING could be happening here. It looked interestingly gory, so we grabbed it. Any guesses?


We’re sorry to say that we are not exactly blown away by the list of directors (though that was one of the better ABCs of Death segments Marcel Sarmiento was responsible for), but Radio SIlence’s final segment in the first V/H/S movie was the one that was a total fucking blast, so who knows? Also, they talk in the press release about “the evolution of the series,” which also makes us nervous. Think you got a pretty good, solid formula here guys, don’t ‘evolve’ it so much the wheels start to come off.


Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 5.40.34 AM

From the ‘Mexican death cult ritual’ segment, maybe?


Hopefully with four segments, they’ll keep things tight. We don’t have an exact release date yet, but we should pretty soon!


Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 6.10.56 AM

Reviews For ‘Godzilla’ Are Coming In- Read Variety’s Snarky One Here (Along With Pissed-Off Fan Reactions)

Godzilla movies, like wrestling matches, are ultimately judged by the quality of the mayhem, and Edwards excels at blowing things up. Though some of the first visual effects we see onscreen (the Filipino mine, the Japanese nuclear plant) look phony, especially projected in post-converted 3D, the creature effects are terrific, using phosphorescent accents — glowing gold for the MUTOs, blue fire for Godzilla — to make the monsters look even more menacing after dark. And though the film banishes most of their fighting to the background, basing their movement on motion-captured performers represents an inspired way of updating the lo-fi, B-movie tradition in which audiences charitably forgot that they were cheering for a guy in a rubber suit stomping through a cardboard city.

-from the Variety review of Godzilla by Peter Debruge

You know, this is only the second ‘mixed’ review I’ve seen (Dread Central loved it–said it wasn’t perfect, but any flaws could be forgiven just for the sheer joy fans will get seeing this Godzilla actually breathe fire) but people responding to the reviewers who take jabs at the reboot are ANGRY.  Also, they make some good points. Other than the above quote, the tone of this review is snotty, and dripping with such disdain that I don’t think the reviewer really understands or knows how to enjoy a monster movie. Also, when it comes to insulting Bryan Cranston’s acting, my advice would be …to tread lightly.  If the reviewer was in a nuclear plant going into meltdown mode and was separated from his wife, I think he’d hyperventilate too. Bitch, please.

Click on “View original” in the lower left to read on– and check out the comments from readers (34 as of this writing).

Read Variety’s ‘Penny Dreadful’ Review – ‘Solidly Entertaining’, ‘Pulpy’, and ‘Oozing With Atmosphere’

Set in 1891, just a few years after the Ripper’s spree, the project capitalizes on the lingering fear created by those events, while playing with the audience’s understanding and expectations surrounding its better-known characters.

Created by John Logan and counting his “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes among the producers, “Penny Dreadful” (a not-quite-dreadful title, derived from the serialized publications of the day) doesn’t hurry the action, and some scenes linger surprisingly long, as the narrative flits around seeking to establish a dense mythology that includes Egyptian hieroglyphics and apocalyptic warnings.

-from the Variety review by Brian Lowry


We’ve seen the pilot, and that description in the title is very accurate. Don’t miss it when Penny Dreadful airs the pilot episode tonight, May 11, on Showtime at 10 p.m.!  Did we mention it’s deliciously creepy and really gory?

Horror Boom’s Ten Scariest Asian Horror Movies Ever Made! – #10: “Coming Soon” (2008)

So, a couple of years ago I made a list for the IMDB of what I consider the ten scariest Asian horror films ever made. By the way, do you know how hard that was at the time,  to only pick ten?  If you think it would be easy, you either 1. have not watched as many Asian horror films as the average horror fan, or 2. you are made out of steel with ice-water instead of blood running through your veins, and no movie you have ever seen in your life has ever scared you, even as a kid.

Since I posted this list, I’ve seen more Asian horror movies than I have leading up to the years posting the list. So, there’ll probably be an addendum of an extra five (or ten) posted after this series of ten separate posts is complete.  I’m going to have to just cut and paste the goddamned list because the only way to save it that the IMDB has is as a MS table-spreadsheet, which doesn’t translate well (even if it didn’t delete all my copious notes on the movies. You may want to check back, because sometimes I can only post when it’s 3AM, all the lights are off except my laptop, and I’m the only one awake in the house (even the cats are asleep), and when I was scanning the entire list tonight, I felt my heartbeat speed up just reading my descriptions and flashing back to the most nightmarish, blood-curdling scenes and moments.  If you’re a restless sleeper that needs to sloooowly power down in order to relax enough to fall asleep, do you REALLY want to recall the big reveal in the last five minutes of Parkpoom Wongpoom‘s Shutter (2004) vividly when you’re trying to mellow out?  My point is,  I don’t want to do an image search for, say, Spiral unless it’s light out, so there’ll be more added to these posts later (plus trailers).

#10 – Coming Soon (2008, Thailand)

Fuck everything and run!

Fuck everything and run!

 I replaced Cinderella with this title–unfortunately, I hadn’t stumbled across it yet at the time. I saw the trailer for Coming Soon (the English title of this little gem) and I ended up watching it online, at night, on my laptop. Funny coincidence, I didn’t sleep too well that night! I almost did something I’ve only done with two other titles on this list, which was to reflect that perhaps I should quit while I still have a chance of calming down and watch the rest of the movie in daylight. This plot was so tight, though, and filled with surprises (not just giant jumps–it was excellent storytelling and a script with a simple, yet brilliant, idea) that I was glued to it. Thai horror movies do NOT fuck around, and this is a perfect example. From the second the action starts (in this case, a movie-within-a-movie) to the last sudden GOTCHA! right when you thought the movie was about to fade to credits, the makers succeed in their goal–scaring the living shit out of you. Those lucky enough to see it on the big screen in Thailand must have had a very memorable movie-going experience –most of the movie is set in a multiplex movie theater.

And here’s that trailer…

Read Variety’s ‘Stage Fright’ Review – They Weren’t Too Thrilled With It Either

Yeah, and this isn’t the first review we’ve read about Stage Fright that doesn’t exactly make it sound enticing. Hell, the trailer isn’t even that good. We’ll wait till Netflix has it.

The Conjuring Sequel and the Enfield Poltergeist?

Our friend Patrick Keller wrote this interesting piece last year when speculation was going on about which case The Conjuring sequel might focus on. They’re still trying to decide, but in the meantime, this is very good reading–as is pretty much all of the content at his blog, The Big Seance, if the paranormal interests you. There’s plenty of research invested in the case, plus the piece is packed with links and a 12-minute recording so fucking creepy (real or staged) that I am very, very glad I did not listen to it after dark.

Click “View original” in the lower left, as I can’t get the font color for the first part of the entry lighter and more readable.

The Big Séance Podcast

Evidence of supposed levitation from the Enfield Poltergeist/Haunting case. One of the many photos of 11-year-old Janet Hodgson supposedly levitating.

There are rumors floating (no pun intended) around the internet that suggest the story line for the sequel of The Conjuring, now a major box office success, will involve the 1977 Enfield Poltergeist in England. This case involves two young sisters, mainly Janet Hodgson, who were really either great at psychokinesis (PK) or were tortured by an unseen spirit, perhaps the spirit of a man named Bill (who reportedly died in the same house years before), who apparently possessed and spoke through one of the girls. The video below includes the famous levitation photos from the case and audio of the creepy and traumatizing  supposed voice of Bill during investigations.

I’ve been reading rumors about a sequel for weeks now, and though nothing is official, apparently the film will again involve the characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren…

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Read’s ‘Bates Motel’ Season Finale Postmortem: What’s Next for Dylan …and the New Part of Norman ‘Psycho’ Fans Will Dig – SPOILERS!

Norma Bates: [voiceover in police custody, as Norman is thinking] It’s sad, when a mother has to speak the words that condemn her own son… in the end he intended to tell them I killed those girls and that man… as if I could do anything but just sit and stare, like one of his stuffed birds…  Let them see what kind of a person I am. I’m not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching… they’ll see. They’ll see and they’ll know, and they’ll say, “Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly…”

(From Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, 1960)


Don’t read this until after you’ve watched the Season Two finale of “Bates Motel,” unless you want SPOILERS!

That final shot of this season of Bates Motel, an intentional homage to the last shot of Perkins sitting in a room at a different police station in the film Psycho, almost gave me a chill… like watching that scene in the movie does every time. Creepy, and a great season finale. If you were really into this season of Bates Motel, don’t forget to watch the after-show, “After Hours at the Bates Motel” (or it might be the other way around, but you get the idea). There are lots of cool interviews (Highmore is not the only British cast member), trivia (the actor who portrays Dylan, Max Thieriot , was unwise enough to challenge Kenny Johnson, the actor who played his father Caleb and longtime arm-wrestling champion ranked #3 in the entire US, to arm-wrestling*), and even the fairly entertaining gag reel from this season. A&E is re-running the finale and the after-show on Tuesday, I believe-check your local listings, or Comcast on Demand.

Here’s another piece from– this one more of a “reaction piece”. Seems a lot of people were horrified by that kiss, among other things. It was a little uncomfortable, but they didn’t get that passionate (thank God) and only would have really creeped me out if it had gone on another second or so… or there was tongue.  Bleh.  Some fans seem more upset about that kiss than the fact that Dylan’s father is also his uncle.

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 6.41.45 AM


*I did have a good laugh in the episode this season where Norman, who looks like he weighs maybe a buck-fifty soaking wet, tried to overpower Kenny Johnson’s character Caleb and stab him. If Norman had somehow managed to best him in combat, I’m not sure if I could ever have taken the show seriously again.

Heads Up!

Take Our Horror ‘Voice Talent’ Poll – Who Would Be Your Dream Team For A Horror Audio Play?

So, last week I mentioned “Tales From Beyond the Pale,” and highlighted the new Season Two boxed set for sale. On Tales From Beyond The Pale, they don’t just have someone reading a horror story (the closest they have is a host, voiced by co-creator, co-writer and co-producer Larry Fessenden). Nope, everyone gets cast in a role, and they act it out along with talented live Foley artists; using practical sound effects (usually methods like the old radio plays would where they’d shake a box of rocks to simulate the sound of thunder …or some sound similar to that, I may have the sound wrong but I took a class in it at some point in my past and I recall vividly that box of rocks was in there, man) and a score. The sound they play for the TPBTP theme sounds a little bit like my favorite musical cue in the soundtrack to Carrie… the original. They’ve even acted out the show live at horror conventions, including very recently at the Stanley Hotel (the real-life inspiration for The Shining).

So far Tales From Beyond the Pale has cast a mix of “name” actors such as Sean Young, Vincent D’Onofrio, AJ Bowen, James Le Gross, Mark Margolis, and Angus Scrimm. Even if you haven’t heard of him or her, each cast member has a bio under the “Talent” section, and this certainly isn’t anyone’s first (or second) acting gig. Not too shabby!

So who would you like to hear in the cast, if you got to pick anyone you wanted? Lucky for us, we own the entire set of Tales From the Crypt audio stories, and some of the names I would have included in the poll list, I left off because they did episodes of Tales From The Crypt audio*: for one, Tim Curry. Gina Gershon did a great, campy job on one of them as a sexpot villainess (along with Luke Perry as her co-star). Pick up to four here, and feel free to choose ‘Other’ and use a write-in vote (Steve Buscemi? Sigourney Weaver? Jason Statham? That last one’s probably just me).  Tell us and we’ll publish the results. Tim Curry aaaalmost made it on the list anyway, because his vocal talents are that spectacular.


*Did you know that Tales From The Crypt theme song has actual lyrics? Your  Old Pal, The Cryptkeeper sings them very well. Better than Mrs. Horror Boom here could, though that’s not saying much…