Here’s The True Blood Season 7 Full-Length Trailer: Shit Just Got Real! (Plus Screencaps)

Managed to get screencaps of most of the really messed-up/interesting images, then had technical difficulties. The gallery below still is missing a few of the really fast ones, working on a bigger gallery). Watch for more soon -looks like shit is going to get real!

Here’s the first full-length trailer for the final (sniffle) season of True Blood:

Man, we miss Alan Ball being showrunner. OK, the hell with tactfully hinting around. We miss Ball because we think the new guy in charge (we don’t even respect him enough to look up the correct spelling of his name–Brad Buckner? Something like that, and we’re still nowhere near as lazy as he is) is a condescending, smug hack who’s responsible for fucking up last season, especially the finale,  badly enough that it resulted in the show’s cancellation and hopeful fans only having ten more new episodes of TB.  So there’s that.


Click to see the larger versions of anything in the gallery below…



So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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