‘Darkly Humorous’, ‘Clever’, and ‘Brutal’: Read Variety’s Review of ‘Blue Ruin’ Here!

Blair’s engaging, soulful-eyed performance succeeds by locating the sweet spot between idiot and amateur, predator and prey. Repeatedly, Dwight plans ahead, takes calculated risks and still messes up, and much of the film’s tension derives from his very fallibility, as well as his increasing awareness that none of this can possibly end well. If the climax goes inevitably over-the-top, it’s nonetheless the sort of gruesome finish the story’s steady, merciless buildup demands.

-from the Variety review by Justin Chang


Sold! We’ve also heard great things about Blue Ruin from Ryan at Rhino Horror (here’s the link to his review; definitely worth a look, plus it contains trailer #2). EW.com also has a very entertaining interview from Eve Plumb (yup, Jan Brady) who co-stars in the film, and her character looks like someone you do NOT want to fuck with. Murder Party, (2007) writer-director Jeremy Sualnier’s first genre flick, was hilarious, brutal, and impossible to second-guess up till the very end. Netflix doesn’t have it on streaming, but if you’ve got a program with disc rentals, definitely worth a rental. Looking forward to Blue Ruin yet? We can’t wait (to scrape up the money) to give it a watch.

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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