Intense Horror Thriller “Proxy” Opens 4/18 – Find Out If Can You Stomach the Brutal First Five Minutes

Deciding whether to see Zack Parker’s Proxy, but aren’t sure if you want to because it might be too violent? Allow us to help you decide by posting this clip for you to view.

We wanted to add EXTREME CONTENT WARNING to the title of the post, but it was already too long. So first, EXTREME VIOLENCE WARNING, even for Horror Boom. In fact, Mrs. Horror Boom here felt a little queasy at the ending, and I’ve never even been pregnant. I don’t recommend it if you’re pregnant, especially if you’re worried something will go wrong; same goes if your wife/partner/sibling, etc. is pregnant. As I mentioned earlier in my intro to the review Variety gave it (which was pretty positive), I do know of people who watched Inside while pregnant. If you’re one of those people then hey, watch away. I just don’t want to get yelled at for not warning you. If you’re eating something right now, you may want to set it aside while you watch. Okay?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the content, the clip is titled (on YouTube, anyway) as the following: “A Baby Is Beaten From a Pregnant Woman in Controversial Thriller Film ‘Proxy'”. That should weed out some of you right there. Also, over half the various comments on sites that ran the clip that I’ve read have been along the lines of that’s not art, that’s not even horror, that’s sick!  So consider yourself warned (again).

Did Zack Parker make a good movie? You can read the Variety review here, and here’s the link to Rotten Tomatoes and their page for the shocker (67% fresh as of this writing, if you were wondering) where you read many more reviews. Neither of us at Horror Boom have seen it yet (but with the reviews, we will be).

So! Proxy will be available on various VOD platforms in less than 24 hours… or, depending on when you read this, possibly right now.

Good Lord!

Good Lord!



Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno: See The First Official Trailer (And Official Release Date) Right Here In HD!

I am sorry to report that this is a “green band” trailer; and also it appears the movie has been trimmed down enough for an R-Rating (though knowing Roth, he’s not going to let all that Nicotero practical FX work go to waste and we’ll get an unrated version on DVD).  Check out the promising first official trailer below in glorious HD:

We have a bad feeling that some of the footage shown (you can probably figure out what) is from a female circumcision* scene that fortunately does not go all the way. First time I’ve appreciated an Eli Roth film NOT showing something.


THE Official Release Date for The Green Inferno is:

September 5th, 2014!

Which is still too goddamned long to wait! Well, hey, we’ve been waiting over a year, might as well wait a few more months. Damnit!



*AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGH! In a Women Studies class in college, they showed us all actual film footage of one, performed with a BROKEN BOTTLE, that scarred me (and probably everyone else there who hadn’t seen it before) for life. A few people bolted out of the auditorium, including one of the few guys in the class. My brain also protected me by deciding to black out the last half of the footage from my memory, but trust me, it was bad enough.

Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove’ Season Two Will Premiere This July!

Famke Janssen is back? That should be interesting. I doubt she’ll be too chatty, though. Here’s to hoping that they keep up the eye-popping awesome practical FX that showed up last season… and that Greg Nicotero is in charge again!

Watch: First Trailer for David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps to the Stars’

OK, this isn’t a horror movie so much as a dramatic thriller, but David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars has a post-production trailer that looks interesting. Also, the Hollywood family portrayed in the thriller looks pretty fucked-up. If you saw Chan-Wook Park’s Stoker, you know Mia Wasikowska can play one creepy, deadly, and awesome daughter. Click “View original” in the lower left to watch the trailer on!

Film Review: ‘Proxy’

This looks pretty horrifying. If you don’t think so, you haven’t seen the opening, which is BRUTAL and I advise you not to watch if you’re pregnant or you’re a loved one of someone who is. Then again, I read a series of posts on the IMDB boards for INSIDE that basically said this:

Guy #1: Hey, my wife is pregnant and about 6 months in, but we want to rent and see this movie together, would you recommend it in our case or is it too potentially upsetting?
Me: Hey, guy #1, when it comes to watching Inside when your wife is due to give birth in a couple months HOW ABOUT NO? I saw it when I was not pregnant (never been pregnant or plan to) and I was so scared that the last 5 minutes I actually started to cry, OK? And you’re talking to a very, very jaded horror fan who owns copies of some of the most fucked-up movies, from all over the world, ever made. You COULD watch it now, but I would not recommend it, in fact I literally cannot think of a worse movie to watch when you’re pregnant (and yes, I’ve seen the rare uncut version of “A Serbian Film”. That’s my advice.
Guy #2: yeah, I’d say it’s fine. Go ahead and watch it together. I saw it when my sister had just found out she was pregnant, and it didn’t bother me.
Me: No, seriously, unless you’re popping Xanax, which you can’t because you’re pregnant. Oh, and just to let you and your third-trimester pregnant wife know, even without the whole “woman attempting to cut out the heroine’s baby with a giant pair of shears” plot line, it’s one of the bloodiest, most gory movies I’ve ever seen. By the last half hour of the movie, everything/everyone that can be covered with blood, IS covered in blood. When I watched the “making of” extra, several times the main actress (in her 20s) had to take a break because she couldn’t stop crying when a scene was being set up. Just wait. Even the R-rated version is very brutal.
Guy #1: Yeah, I’m gonna rent it now, she says it won’t bother her.
Guy #2: Cool, dude. Hope you guys enjoy the movie!

So anyway, yeah, well be watching this when it comes out on VOD April 18th. I’ll post the link to the opening some point soon– if you must see it RIGHT NOW then Dread Central has the clip posted in HD (with a bunch of warnings prefacing it).

Ten Online Items About “Oculous” That Are Driving Us Wild To See It This Friday!

People (and some borderline trolls) discussing Oculus (just from seeing a TV spot or a trailer) are bitching that haunted/cursed mirror movies have been “done to death” already. Well, the last one I remember seeing in the theater was the (fairly) mainstream, gruesome and terrifying Mirrors (grown men in the theater yelled in fear, and I was letting out some serious screams myself; there was even a walkout close to the end of the very gory bathtub jaw-rip scene… I wonder how they’d react to the unrated version) and that was back in early 2008. Since then I’ve seen Mirrors 2 (2010) on VOD and it wasn’t a strict sequel (I was positive it was based on a J-horror or K-horror flick, due to the formula, even before I finished watching; I later read and confirmed the fact), plus a pretty creepy–and fun– little Philippino horror flick called Feng Shui (about the only feature-length film in Tagalog I’ve really enjoyed, and recommended– as a bonus, it’s got a neat kind of Final Destination theme woven in, where people are marked for death in a certain way). That’s about it as far of the list of haunted mirror movies, so I call bullshit on that.

Also, if you’ve seen Mike Flanagan’s début film, Absentia, you know how creative he can get. The movie wasn’t perfect, but the fright it generated caught me off guard… and I’m not even talking about “jump” scares. Now, we get to see what he can do with a larger budget; from the moment reviews from the notorious Midnight Madness showing of Oculus at TIFF last fall started trickling in, there was overwhelming praise for the movie, plus props given for creating an atmosphere of creeping dread and fear without relying on blood and gore, or any fake-out jump scares. Two reviews and it was on our Horror Boom MUST SEE NOW! list.  But wait, the praise for the movie’s nightmarish originality doesn’t stop there.

I’ve been reading and seeing great things online for the past six weeks or so. Here are ten of them that all contribute towards me dragging Mr. Horror Boom to see it Friday night (when it opens theatrically):

1. The fact that the MPAA says the R-rating is due to the following: Terror, Violence, some disturbing images, and brief language.

2. From the review on (read it all here):

Mike Flanagan’s film is brilliant and inspired and scary and more creative than any other horror movie you’re bound to see this year… What makes Flanagan’s film works so well is its unflinching commitment to establishing and then unraveling a scenario where all the tension comes from the idea that a mirror could somehow turn normal people into raving maniacs.


3. From (entire review here) : Director Mike Flanagan also helped edit the film, and the movie is ridiculously tight. Even with the two timelines, two sets of actors playing the same character, fantasy elements that intermingle with what is actually happening, and a scary ghoul with glowing eyes, there isn’t an ounce of fat on “Oculus.” It’s easily the scariest movie since “The Conjuring,” and in some ways is a deeper and more satisfying film. It’s stylish but not showy, more concerned with the thematic undercurrents coursing just beneath the surface. In “Oculus,” the lead characters are deeply disturbed adults who are trying desperately to move on with their lives. Almost everyone is haunted by some aspect of their past. What “Oculus” suggests is that you have to move on… or you’ll pay the ultimate price.

4. This part of the review (entire review linked here):

With fantastic editing, the film achieves not only creates plenty of gory, pop out scares, but also raises notions of other more terrify ideas. Horror can lie in obsession, and there is no greater personal horror than a loss of one’s perception. True to the mirror’s abilities, audiences will start to doubt what direction the film goes in. Constantly shifting, Oculus is a smart, scary horror film that will keep audiences guessing to the point of madness.

5. This quick flash in the more recent trailers…

I wonder what's going to happen next... eek.

I wonder what’s going to happen next… eek.

6.  From the review on (link here):

Relying on supernatural chills, Oculus contains enough genuinely disturbing moments to raise the hairs on my arms with ease, especially considering Katee Sackhoff’s disturbing transformation. Turning into a feral creature of sorts, Sackhoff abandons all human elements and embraces an animalistic performance that’s pure, jolting genre creepiness incarnate. I couldn’t help it – even when Sackhoff was obviously lurking around the corner, I squealed like an overly macho man who momentarily got caught off guard (or that’s what I’ll tell myself) …Flanagan ends with a edge-of-your seat scareatorium that’s relentlessly terrifying.

7. Here’s a snippet from a review that REALLY got us psyched (on even though we had to redact a spoiler-ish word or two:

Flanagan cuts between them expertly, letting the past and present bleed together. Gillan, Sackhoff, and Cochrane give sharp performances (Thwaites is a bit of a lightweight) as the darkness unfolds in both timelines. It’s almost like getting two effective, creepy stories in one…  What [the cursed mirror] does is mess with your mind. It’ll make you want to do something you wouldn’t normally do, or make think you’re doing one thing when you’re actually doing something else. For example, maybe you think you’re pulling a Band-Aid off your finger, but you’re really [spoiler-y detail redacted}. Or maybe you think you’re giving the kids a bath, but you’re actually — well, you get the idea.

8.  This poster definitely didn’t hurt.




9. From Nick Schager’s Village Voice review:

Replete with superb performances led by a paranoid Sackhoff and unhinged Cochrane, it’s the rare horror film to know how to tease malevolent mysteries and deliver satisfyingly unexpected, unsettling payoffs.

10. Finally, from Chris Alexander at, who definitely knows a great horror movie when he sees it:

The very device of jamming between decades goes from somewhat clumsy to ingenious and really, I’m not even sure of the exact point when that happens. It just does. Without spoiling anything, the last half hour of OCULUS is one of the most stressful, disorienting and hypnotizing divebombs into child’s-eye horror I’ve ever sat through. In fact, last night I had a nightmare about it and I honestly cannot recall that happening in a decade or more… Mike Flanagan has jettisoned to top of my list as a filmmaker—not just a horror filmmaker, but an artist full stop—to watch carefully.

Oh, and we hear that it’s definitely in your best interest to stay and watch a scene after the credits.

Oculus opens this Friday, April 11th in theaters. We’re definitely in. How about you?




Film Review: ‘Alien Abduction’

Watched the movie on VOD tonight, and I don’t think the reviewer has seen as many shitty, sloppy, half-hearted found-footage movies as we have. I’d say the movie is above average, especially for this genre. I’ve never found aliens particularly scary, though if our house was suddenly bathed in blinding white light accompanied by a roaring sounds and some weird, clearly non-human thing approached me, I think I’d be pretty goddamned scared. “The Fourth Kind” had exactly one scary moment, and while it was pretty frightening while it lasted, that was about it for me, and I’d probably recommend this over that–depending on your tolerance for ‘found footage’ horror movies, though I only watched this in SD rather than HD and 90% of the movie wasn’t a series of blurs. You also won’t be distracted by the weird meta-style of TFK where Milla Johovich plays herself (going as far as to tell you, the viewer, she’s Milla Johovich at the start of the movie– way to destroy the fourth wall, there) portraying the main character, but the actual main character is also shown as portrayed by an actress who tells the event–oh, screw it. You only see glimpses of they aliens, but they don’t look like the typical “grays” you’ve seen in movies like 2013’s “Dark Skies” and the “Alien Abduction Slumber Party” (the final section/story of “V/H/S 2”). If you pause the frame, you can see them (barely, and you’ll have to spend a while timing it right) and you mainly see browns and reds, one with a lobster-like ‘face’. They aren’t cute in any way.


Also, “Alien Abduction” doesn’t follow as close to the typical generic found-footage formula as the reviewer states; the shit hits the fan about 20 minutes into the movie, and keeps a pretty fast and scary pace up until the ending. Characters do take time for a breather when they can, but even then, things stay intense, as the movie ratchets up the tension effectively enough so that you know they can be attacked with no warning or provocation. Oh, and when the character mentioned in the review says that ‘some they keep, some they toss back’? They REALLY toss them back. You’ll know it when you see it.

S.H. Figuarts The Ring Sadako Yamamura


Oh, this is to die for. Especially the TV and VHS tapes it comes with. 4,536 yen converts to about $44.00 US, and with the shipping costs…  it would almost be worth it to have it out on the coffee table, though!


For plenty more REALLY cool photos, click “View Original” in the lower left.


Cringe Over This Gruesome, NSFW “Cabin Fever: Patient Zero” Trailer – Now in English, Finally! Plus, Screencap Gallery

We have a theory over what the backstory is behind the guy on the …downlow… with a sudden gush of blood in his face, but it’s too gross to repeat here. Anyway, the newest trailer for the Cabin Fever prequel “Cabin Fever: Patient Zero” is below!

We’re gonna take the ‘glass half full’ approach (and hopefully not jinx this) and say that what the hell, it has to be better than “Cabin Fever 2”.

Here’ the synopsis…

When a group of friends enjoying a bachelor cruise in the Caribbean stumble upon a research facility on a remote island, a deadly virus is unleashed. The group must find a way to survive before the flesh eating virus consumes them all.

Yeah, we don’t think the party is going to work out, let alone the wedding. Here’s the UK DVD cover.

Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 5.08.36 AM

By the way, closest we can get to a release date is “Summer 2014” (looks like a straight-to-DVD release, but we could be wrong).  Below is a gallery of screencaps  including (almost) all the gore we could ‘grab’ from the new trailer. Enjoy, and let’s hope this comes to VOD or DVD soon… and Unrated!

Read The Variety Film Review Of ‘The Quiet Ones’ From Hammer Films (2014) – Plus a Link To Details On The “True Events”

OK, this is a mediocre review,* but it’s the first negative one I’ve read. I hope it turns out better than Charles Gant here at Variety says, because I really want the rebooted Hammer Films to be successful. I loved The Woman In Black (which the advertisements are citing “by the makers of”, but other than Hammer Films, none of the creative, writing or directing talent–and do mean talent– from that team has anything to do with “The Quiet Ones” (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that).

I actually was looking forward to the film until this ‘stinger’ shot at the end of the TV spot for “The Quiet Ones” (it aired during The Walking Dead season finale and I haven’t seen it since; maybe they blew their whole TV advertising budget buying that slot), which had potential to be cool until you see the Syfy movie-quality CGI apparent:

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 3.35.22 AM

Hell, I’ll probably see it, just not in the theater.  My April 2014 movie budget will only let me see one horror film in the theater, and I’m saving that for “Oculus” (Rated R for “terror, graphic violence, disturbing images, and brief language” -not the only reason we want to see it, but honestly, it sure doesn’t hurt).

“The Quiet Ones” opens April 25th, 2014 and is rated PG-13.


*and I do also mean that the review itself is mediocre;  I’d like to know more reasons other than being unable to hold a flashlight and film at the same time during the ‘found-footage’ clips, and that the original experiment wasn’t interesting enough to warrant a film. Speaking of that, read more details about the real-life experiment that inspired the film here in a well-researched and interesting piece on Rhino’s Horror; since I’ve read Ryan’s article on RH, I strongly disagree that the actual study is too boring for a movie– and that it “offers little that is new or original”. Really? Got any suggestions for things you felt the movie was missing or that would have improved it? No? Then your review doesn’t exactly blow me out of the water. I got officially sick of this being used in horror movie reviews–especially from mainstream review sites who don’t exactly apply themselves when it comes to the horror genre– when I read a few reviews that said this about “The Conjuring”, and “Mama” among other films.