Film Review: ‘Alien Abduction’

Watched the movie on VOD tonight, and I don’t think the reviewer has seen as many shitty, sloppy, half-hearted found-footage movies as we have. I’d say the movie is above average, especially for this genre. I’ve never found aliens particularly scary, though if our house was suddenly bathed in blinding white light accompanied by a roaring sounds and some weird, clearly non-human thing approached me, I think I’d be pretty goddamned scared. “The Fourth Kind” had exactly one scary moment, and while it was pretty frightening while it lasted, that was about it for me, and I’d probably recommend this over that–depending on your tolerance for ‘found footage’ horror movies, though I only watched this in SD rather than HD and 90% of the movie wasn’t a series of blurs. You also won’t be distracted by the weird meta-style of TFK where Milla Johovich plays herself (going as far as to tell you, the viewer, she’s Milla Johovich at the start of the movie– way to destroy the fourth wall, there) portraying the main character, but the actual main character is also shown as portrayed by an actress who tells the event–oh, screw it. You only see glimpses of they aliens, but they don’t look like the typical “grays” you’ve seen in movies like 2013’s “Dark Skies” and the “Alien Abduction Slumber Party” (the final section/story of “V/H/S 2”). If you pause the frame, you can see them (barely, and you’ll have to spend a while timing it right) and you mainly see browns and reds, one with a lobster-like ‘face’. They aren’t cute in any way.


Also, “Alien Abduction” doesn’t follow as close to the typical generic found-footage formula as the reviewer states; the shit hits the fan about 20 minutes into the movie, and keeps a pretty fast and scary pace up until the ending. Characters do take time for a breather when they can, but even then, things stay intense, as the movie ratchets up the tension effectively enough so that you know they can be attacked with no warning or provocation. Oh, and when the character mentioned in the review says that ‘some they keep, some they toss back’? They REALLY toss them back. You’ll know it when you see it.

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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