Read The Variety Film Review Of ‘The Quiet Ones’ From Hammer Films (2014) – Plus a Link To Details On The “True Events”

OK, this is a mediocre review,* but it’s the first negative one I’ve read. I hope it turns out better than Charles Gant here at Variety says, because I really want the rebooted Hammer Films to be successful. I loved The Woman In Black (which the advertisements are citing “by the makers of”, but other than Hammer Films, none of the creative, writing or directing talent–and do mean talent– from that team has anything to do with “The Quiet Ones” (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that).

I actually was looking forward to the film until this ‘stinger’ shot at the end of the TV spot for “The Quiet Ones” (it aired during The Walking Dead season finale and I haven’t seen it since; maybe they blew their whole TV advertising budget buying that slot), which had potential to be cool until you see the Syfy movie-quality CGI apparent:

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 3.35.22 AM

Hell, I’ll probably see it, just not in the theater.  My April 2014 movie budget will only let me see one horror film in the theater, and I’m saving that for “Oculus” (Rated R for “terror, graphic violence, disturbing images, and brief language” -not the only reason we want to see it, but honestly, it sure doesn’t hurt).

“The Quiet Ones” opens April 25th, 2014 and is rated PG-13.


*and I do also mean that the review itself is mediocre;  I’d like to know more reasons other than being unable to hold a flashlight and film at the same time during the ‘found-footage’ clips, and that the original experiment wasn’t interesting enough to warrant a film. Speaking of that, read more details about the real-life experiment that inspired the film here in a well-researched and interesting piece on Rhino’s Horror; since I’ve read Ryan’s article on RH, I strongly disagree that the actual study is too boring for a movie– and that it “offers little that is new or original”. Really? Got any suggestions for things you felt the movie was missing or that would have improved it? No? Then your review doesn’t exactly blow me out of the water. I got officially sick of this being used in horror movie reviews–especially from mainstream review sites who don’t exactly apply themselves when it comes to the horror genre– when I read a few reviews that said this about “The Conjuring”, and “Mama” among other films.