‘The Walking Dead’: Alanna Masterson takes us inside Terminus’ ‘creepy’ train car

You know, they really should have used “they’re fucking with the wrong people,” and just done what AMC did once a season for Breaking Bad and twice in the run of Mad Men and blipped out the “fuck”. If you’ve just seen a zombie (in broad daylight) bite and rip off a chunk of flesh from a man’s screaming face (that included his eye- AWESOME practical fore effects), a man flip over a boy (how old is Carl supposed to be? Ten? Eleven? Twelve? I’m not good at judging kid’s ages), face-down, hold him down, and hear the sound of a belt jingling getting ready to rape him (in front of his dad and surrogate mom…not that if he we alone with the kid that would make it any less disturbing and wrong), a desperate and enraged man sink his teeth savagely into another man’s neck and tear a piece off while blood sprays everywhere. I think we’re OK with a dipped-out “fuck”. Because, you know, sometimes familes watch it together! I know of parents who let kids under ten watch it.* We wouldn’t want to upset anyon– OK…deep breath… count to ten…
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*and I’m not going to get started on that because I don’t want them to take it personally, and that’s …yeah. You get the idea. Also it would turn into a huge rant.