Taste This! Robert Rodriguez Q&A: ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ and What’s Wrong With TV (EW.com)

EW: How are you balancing that in the series? And once you open up the supernatural element can you get back to a crime story within the show?

RR: Yeah. Originally in the movie it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Quentin was hired by some special effects guys to do this story about a couple robbers who showed up in a Mexican bar and it was full of vampires. When Quentin went to write it he was so into his characters he kept delaying until he got to the bar. It was never supposed to be halfway. It became this hybrid and it was unsellable. Nobody could understand it. Nobody wanted it. Then Pulp Fiction hit and everybody wanted to make Quentin’s script, it didn’t matter. Originally they thought it was weird, you turn the page and there’s vampires! It makes no sense. Suddenly it became avant-garde, it’s two movies in one! We said, “Let’s go make it now while things are hot because they’ll never let us do it again.” For the TV show, I wanted it to be much more engrained. It’s a crime saga with supernatural elements in every episode. The supernatural element starts off small in the first episode, but the reveal when you get to the bar is so much more powerful because you’ve been getting seduced into it.

-From the attached EW.com interview with Robert Rodriguez By James Hibberd

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 4.35.23 AMWe can’t WAIT to re-enter the mythology… which is why we’ve got to make a call to Comcast/Xfinity and try to get an answer from them on when the El Rey Network is going to show up. We don’t want to wait, and especially don’t want to watch something that takes place in the From Dusk Till Dawn universe on a damn laptop or iPad. Click on “View Original” on the lower left to sink your teeth into the entire EW.com interview–it’s a nice, juicy long piece by James Hibbard.

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Too bad THIS guy won’t be showing up in the series, though!