Racism, Sexism, and Hannibal: Eat The Rude

This interesting post by Hettienne Park (Beverly Katz on NBC’s Hannibal, whose character came to a tragic, fatal, and grisly end recently) is not only worth a read, it has also been re-blogged all over the net (well, with most people who enjoy Hannibal and have blogs, anyway) so I thought I’d just jump on the bandwagon and pass it on as well. Hettienne Park wrote the articulate, thoughtful piece on her personal blog to respond to the anger from fans that her character was killed off. These people were ANGRY at Bryan Fuller, accusing him of killing off her character because she was a female of color and therefore expendable. Read Ms. Park’s very well-written side here! The debates in the Comments section get pretty intense ..and also worth a read if you have the time (there are pages and pages).

Paleyfest 2014: Ryan Murphy Lauds ‘American Horror Story Coven’ Cast as “Most Amazing Group of Women Ever on TV”

Featured photo above: Ryan Murphy (left) laughing in our faces when we asked him how any suspense or dramatic stakes can be maintained if any character killed off can be brought back to life and/or patched back together whimsically,* including a decapitated main character with one hand being put back together offscreen, which is barely mentioned other than a throwaway line.  Meanwhile, Kathy Bates (middle)  and a woman who appears to be a young, strangely friendly Naomi Campbell Angela Bassett (right) are good sports and laugh at how much fun they had playing fictional versions of Delphine LaLaurie and Marie Laveau while wiping the floor with certain younger cast members –without even trying –no matter how goofy or nonsensical their plot-lines got.

Okay, uh, moving on a bit, to the Paleyfest 2014 panel that actually took place…


It is our firm hope that whoever she is cast as (in American Horror Story -Freak Show), Frances Conroy still has as much of a blast playing as she clearly did when she played Myrtle Snow.


Well, Coven started OUT feminist, anyway… the women in American Horror Story Asylum went through way more pain, suffering, and heartbreak–mostly at the hands of men–but we thought that all in all (other than poor, wretched Chloë Sevigne’s character Shelly, whose fate was so horrible that several fellow female friends of mine said was the reason they decided not to watch the rest of Asylum as it was “too disturbing” for them, and actually gave me a rare nightmare or two) the women in the show prevailed. However, that’s another article.  Plus, the Coven cast really did kick ass. Click “View original” in the lower left to read the entire Paleyfest article… and check out the beautiful Ms. Angela Bassett (and friend), looking thirty-five tops, not fifty-five, below (and not looking too bad in the featured image, either)! Let’s hope she gets to have just as much fun on “Freak Show”, which will premiere in October 2014.

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 3.06.16 AM


*including a decapitated main character with one hand being put back together offscreen, which is barely fucking mentioned other than a throwaway line because, you know, witches …then telling us “Don’t be a hater, dear,” when we express valid disappointment in the last 1/3 of the season or ask for clarification on plot holes we could drive a frat party bus through, and then laughing heartily while patting himself on the back at his own clever reference to a line of dialogue on the show.  Later, Murphy howled with laughter when asked to define the term feminism, then  soon after composed himself and changed the subject when another audience member pointed out that feminism is comprised of more than women characters deciding to use the majority of their time and supernatural powers by hurling physical abuse, bitchiness, and actual intentional slaughter at other women on the show, rather than having man-on-woman violence.  Wow, I would have no problem writing a fictional version of the entire panel like this, but hopefully I got it out of my system for now.

Also, in the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I freely admit that I would have KILLED to be an audience member at that panel, no matter how much of a let-down the back half of “Coven” was (I’d only kill if the seats were really good, though).

Michael Chiklis joins the cast of ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

YEAH! Don’t see much of a resemblance between Vic Mackey Chiklis and Evan Peters, but I’m not complaining.

Twisted “Seven Deadly Sins” Docu-Drama Series Gets Full Season Order From Showtime- But You’d Never Guess Who’s At The Helm!

…that would be Morgan Spurlock.

In one of the more interesting press releases we read this week (surpassed only by the “American Horror Story: Freak Show” news), it turns out the sometimes controversial producer Morgan Spurlock pitched a pretty creative idea to Showtime.

Several headlines described the project as “Super-Size Me” meets “Se7en”, which sounds like it has potential to be cool but also borderline-disgusting*, and isn’t entirely accurate (and we don’t know if I’d really want to see that show, see footnote).  Turns out it’s closer to “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”, with Spurlock as the host.  Spurlock is also exec producing under his Warrior Poets production banner along with producing partner Jeremy Chilnick (they also collaborated on “The Other F-Word”–fatherhood for middle-aged rock stars– and “Knuckleball!,” about retired baseball player Tim Wakefield and Mets pitcher RA Dickey). Here’s how he describes the series and how it came about:

Spurlock: “For years, I’ve wanted to do an ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ style show comprised completely of non-fiction stories …a series just as dark and twisted as anything fiction could imagine, and now I’m thrilled to have that dream come true with ‘Seven Deadly Sins.’ With Showtime as a partner, we’re going to make this as depraved as any scripted program  as we dive head first into lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. You won’t believe it until you see it … and even then, you may not believe it.”

The release also says there will be seven episodes, each based on …well, you get the idea.  This high-concept series could, of course, go badly wrong, but so far, we’re in! “Seven Deadly Sins” will premiere on Showtime June 19th. More as it develops!

Not a good combination, but fortunately, the 'Supersize Me Meets Se7en" concept was just used to make attention-grabbing headlines for the series.

Not a good combination, but fortunately, the ‘Supersize Me Meets Se7en” concept was just used to make attention-grabbing headlines for the series.


*not to mention, impossible to do as a non-fiction series. What, every day Spurlock will team up with John Doe from Se7en  (for the record, Kevin Spacey’s performance as Doe scares the shit out of us to this day) every day for a month to eat somewhere unhealthy, then go murder someone horribly? Guess the documentary crew would have to sign a confidentiality agreement before they started shooting, among other things.


(Source: Entertainment Weekly, Variety)

The Editing Room Takes On “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” (The Abridged Script)


Hey, I found a box of tapes from “Paranormal Activity 3”. Maybe we could get some answers to one of the franchise’s many unsolved questions.


Both BOYS collapse into PEALS OF LAUGHTER.


(wiping tears from eyes)

Ha ha ha. Oh Andrew, that was a good one. Andrew? Andrew where did you go? Andrew? Andrew? I ask because no teenager calling out for their friend in a dark and abandoned area ever gets ambushed in a horror movie.


Maybe if I put the camera right up to this bead curtain. I’m sure nothing will jump out at-





-Excerpt from The Abridged Script of PA:TMO , written by Lachlan R.

We haven’t seen the movie yet (but will shuffle out feet while looking down at the floor and admit we’ll rent the DVD when it’s out… which probably won’t be a gigantic wait), however, we can assure you this is one of the funnier scripts for a horror movie from The Editing Room that we’ve read in several months.  Oh, I doubt this will be a big issue for most people, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, plan to, and don’t want the entire movie spoiled for you (I kept hearing that the ‘twist’ ending was the best part…meh), don’t read the script till you see it.

Otherwise? Click on the big ole’ link below to read the abridged script, and have a good laugh:

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones: The Abridged Script  – The Editing Room.


Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 6.10.36 AM



Read the EW.com Exclusive on American Horror Story: Freak Show: Cast, Premise, All NEW Season 4 Info!

The ‘featured image’ above is of Ryan Murphy’s tweet announcing the title. Ooooo, this could be REALLY good. Cross your fingers that Lily Rabe is back – and that the wheels don’t start to come off halfway through the season. More as it comes in!  Sadly, nothing about Naomi Grossman returning as Pepper the pinhead (hey, the 1950 time frame could be right)- we still think they’re missing out big time by not including her! We’d actually start an online petition if we thought it would do any good …would it?

See the Nasty New ‘Penny Dreadful’ Teaser Trailer — VIDEO (EW.com)

Great promo– also pretty disgusting (in a good way, of course). Take a look by clicking on ‘View original” in the lower left– it’s worth it. Will they just hurry up and start running Penny Dreadful, already?

Alas, we’ll have to wait for Penny Dreadful to premiere May 11 at 10 p.m. (ET) on Showtime.

‘The Walking Dead’: Check Out EW.com’s Exclusive Images From the Penultimate Episode (Especially The Last One)!

The first two aren’t anything that special, but take a gander at photo #3 (to get to the EW.com piece, click ‘View original’ in the lower left). THAT is some stellar–and very grisly– ‘walker’ make up FX. “What the hell is that hanging from its chin?” Dalton Ross of EW.com asks. Looks like some stringy black drool generated by the zombie… or maybe he was in the middle of a badly-needed tooth-flossing when he got turned/infected. Damn, that thing is nightmarish (and I’m curious about the make-up process and application, too). Check it out…

Breaking News On American Horror Story Season Four! Writer Doug Petrie Spilled The Setting, Which Is…

American Horror Story Carnival! The exact title hasn’t been confirmed, but the theme has.

According to Variety’s Doug Petrie spilled the beans on a Nerdist writer’s panel podcast when another podcast guest asked if the rumors were true about the carnival setting, and he confirmed Season Four will definitely be set in a carnival. He didn’t give more details than that, but he did give out a really juicy tidbit about Jessica Lange’s character. Said Petrie:

“It doesn’t have a title, but that’s the idea. Very roughly, that’s the idea.”

Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson are both involved. Series co-creator Ryan Murphy has told The Hollywood Reporter that Lange “has always wanted to play a Marlene Dietrich figure, and now she gets to.” So that’s why Ryan Murphy said that Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent. We also know it takes place in 1950 and the present day, like Season Two’s “Asylum” was.  So apparently, Ryan Murphy was lying his ass off in this post-Coven Finale interview.*

More news as it comes in, but this is better than a communism/Red Scare theme, which is what most people (including yours truly) guessed when Murphy started dropping hints. I don’t know where the Coven episode “clues” were for a circus settling, but as soon as we find out, we’ll let you know!

Source: Variety.com

*Fair warning: Did the last few episodes and especially the finale of American Horror Story Coven disappoint the hell out of you, because you loyally and patiently expected better after the first two seasons?  Don’t get me started, there’s a reason publication of the usual “Ten Things We Learned This Week On American Horror Story” trickled off when they did: it was a stretch for me to think of a few nice things to say (let alone ten for every episode) for the majority of the second half of the season,  so I didn’t say anything at all (on here, anyway– I had no such problem on the A.V. Club message boards where I went apeshit with my venting, along with many other bummed-out fans). Anyway, if you were let down, this post-finale interview will piss you off all over again.