‘True Detective’ Creator Nic Pizzolatto On Carcosa, Hideous Men, And The Season One Endgame

I’d love to write about this show, but I usually have to watch each episode twice. Also, my brain seems to hibernate along with the rest of me during the winter, and I’ve read some thesis-like essays about the complexities of the show (many written by highly esteemed, published writers) that blow me away with their elaborate interpretations and theories. I’ll attach links to some of them later–I’m also woman enough to admit at least one of them is over my head– but for now, here’s an intelligent interview with the creator of the amazing HBO series, Nic Pizzolatto (he also wrote the scripts for all eight episodes that comprise this season, which is very rare and puts viewers and critics alike in a state of awe). There are some slight spoilers from past episodes, including last Sunday’s “Haunted Houses”, and he discussed when certain information will be disclosed, but there’s no major spoilers, other than the one about Rusty and Marty turning out to both be the same person, and the one who killed Dora Lange. Oops, I guess I should have said spoiler alert, retroactive! But seriously, if you want to say totally clean, I will give this SPOILER ALERT warning.

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 6.28.52 AM

Here is a link –also from EW.com–titled True Detective Post-Mortem: Unraveling the Mysteries discussing the premiere of True Detective back in January. Definitely also recommended reading if you’re a fan of the show.

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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