Berlin Film Review: ‘The Midnight After’

“As the characters disperse and regroup, Chan exploits the mass-panic scenario for farce as well as terror, with an original mash-up of epidemic/zombie/sci-fi horror elements that makes “Contagion” and the “REC” franchise look square by comparison. Dream sequences and spooky visions further add to the surreal atmosphere, and the revelation of each character’s dark side culminates in a highly political message about the loss of morality and compassion following a critical transition, as symbolized by their passing through the tunnel. Chan leavens the heavier dialogue scenes with a few punchy action sequences en route to a big-bang finish at once funny, sad, allegorical and provocatively open-ended.”  -From the Variety review by Maggie Lee.


Well, I’m not sure if it’s practical to see anything that makes [REC] look “tame”. If you’ve seen [REC] (and [REC 2] isn’t especially soothing to your nerves either) I’m sure you’ll understand; the former consistently makes our Top Ten Scariest Movies Ever Made list (and I’d have to be in a brave mood to see something that’d knock it off the list). Director Fruit Chan’s Dumplings (2004) would probably make it to another Top Scariest list, just a longer, more-inclusive one. Despite that, we cannot WAIT to see The Midnight After.  Let’s all cross our fingers that all the positive buzz that this Berlin film festival showing is getting means that The Midnight After gets snapped right up for US distribution rights FAST! Read on.

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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