CAT Scan Tells Sylvester the Mummy’s Secret: Preservation No Accident

I’ll paying a visit to Ye Olde Curiosity shop this next week and will be sure to say hello for you (if you’d like) to Sylvester the Mummy in his nice glass case. I’m also following up with a piece of the shop itself soon, so check back (or do a Google search for lots of interesting reading)! Click Ye Big Linke below to read the article – I’m glad they confirmed the guy is real (unlike, say, the Fiji Mermaid, who I was very, very happy to find out was man-made). Check out the gallery below (I don’t own the copyright to any of these, nor did I take them myself. Hopefully I’ll be raking my own pics when I visit).

But beware of Sylvester’s lady companion… less quaint and more, what’s the word, horrifying. Jaw hanging wide open and slightly askew, five feet tall and weighing twenty pounds, tufts of hair on her withered skull (the hair may or may not be legit; it’s not like they could put a Tina Turner wig or glamorous blonde wavy one on when it needed to look, well, ).  Nightmare material for sure; there’s a reason that I usually spend way less time peering at her than I do Sylvester. They found her in a cave and for being un-embalmed, experts say she held up pretty well. They’re pretty sure she died of tuberculosis. Ye Olde Curiosity shop bought her in 1970, and I bet they have to be even more cautious and careful when moving her; I could see her breaking apart like thin, brittle sticks. OK!  Ready to read about Sylvester, who they determined was clearly shot…

CT Tells Mummy’s Secret: Preservation No Accident.