‘True Detective’ Creator Nic Pizzolatto On Carcosa, Hideous Men, And The Season One Endgame

I’d love to write about this show, but I usually have to watch each episode twice. Also, my brain seems to hibernate along with the rest of me during the winter, and I’ve read some thesis-like essays about the complexities of the show (many written by highly esteemed, published writers) that blow me away with their elaborate interpretations and theories. I’ll attach links to some of them later–I’m also woman enough to admit at least one of them is over my head– but for now, here’s an intelligent interview with the creator of the amazing HBO series, Nic Pizzolatto (he also wrote the scripts for all eight episodes that comprise this season, which is very rare and puts viewers and critics alike in a state of awe). There are some slight spoilers from past episodes, including last Sunday’s “Haunted Houses”, and he discussed when certain information will be disclosed, but there’s no major spoilers, other than the one about Rusty and Marty turning out to both be the same person, and the one who killed Dora Lange. Oops, I guess I should have said spoiler alert, retroactive! But seriously, if you want to say totally clean, I will give this SPOILER ALERT warning.

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 6.28.52 AM

Here is a link –also from EW.com–titled True Detective Post-Mortem: Unraveling the Mysteries discussing the premiere of True Detective back in January. Definitely also recommended reading if you’re a fan of the show.

‘Zombeavers’ director Jordan Rubin on his dammed horror-comedy — EXCLUSIVE NSFW IMAGES (EW.com)

OK, I’m not saying this doesn’t look ridiculous, but it also doesn’t look half-bad. I’d rather watch prosthetic creature effects over half-ass CGI anyway. Plus, Bill Burr is in it, and he usually doesn’t sign on to act in shitty movies (or TV series – case in point, Breaking Bad) and he’s also funny as hell. Check out the photos (at least one is really gory; I almost used it as the ‘featured image’ but chickened out at the last second) and the trailer. Director Jordan Rubin also digs 80s horror and says in the EW.com article that “I would say it’s a horror movie in the traditional, ‘80s-sense… it’s played completely straight in the face of the ludicrous conceit, which is obviously complete insanity.” So far, so good. (Click on “View Original” to check out all the gory pics and the fun trailer)

‘Godzilla’ trailer: Find out why Bryan Cranston is so scared — VIDEO

This just very well might turn your whole day around – especially if you’re a Bryan Cranston fan. We’re going to be geeking out about this for a while! Best of all, they show juuuust enough of Godzilla, but not too much. That familiar roar is the icing on the fucking cake! (Click on ‘View Original’ at the bottom to check it out)

Hannibal Season Two Buffet! Two New Clips, Two Trailers, And Disturbing Screen Caps For You To Devour

Hannibal will begin its second season next Friday, February 28th, and we can’t wait. Last Friday, IGN dropped two new clips from the premiere, and the first one, titled “Not My Friend”, seems to pick up where the breathtaking Season One finale left off:

In the second, “The 4th Body,” Hannibal helps police look at some grisly remains:

Here’s two great, image-rich, and very unsettling full trailers for Season Two… the first one is more exposition-heavy than the other.

I’m guessing NBC runs these after the all the little kids have all gone to bed (at least I hope so)…

Here’s that gallery of screencaps from the two trailers (plenty of the grabs were taken from the sections where a series of graphic shots just flash by). Click any of the images (which I do NOT own or claim any creative credit for). Say, have you eaten yet?

“Kaiseki” (airs 2/28/14; 10-11PM); here’s the official description from the season premiere from NBC:
Will (Hugh Dancy) is determined to fight for his innocence as Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) and Jack (Laurence Fishburne) try to wrap their heads around the fact he’s behind bars.

Highly NSFW Red Band Trailer For Italian-Style Gorefest Bombshell Bloodbath – Must See!

I don’t even know what I can say about this trailer before you watch it. Well, maybe I can narrow the intended demographic down a little.
Did you seek out VHS copies of Fulci movies in the 80s (or 90s)? Would you rent something just because you heard it was gory as hell (and the movie wasn’t a stinker) and that the aforementioned gore was done with practical effects, even if one of them is slightly cheesy (see featured image)? Does a creatively titled movie (instead of something like The Darkening or The Smith Project*) get your hopes up or at least have you mentally giving the film-makers some credit? Does watching a contemporary movie where the soundtrack sounds like it was performed by Goblin take you back and give you a big, nostalgic smile? I’m not saying you had to grow up in the 80s horror boom to enjoy this trailer – I’m saying it sure as hell doesn’t hurt. When I was surfing around Dread Central earlier in the month, this caught my eye (speaking of Fulci) and I don’t even know what the hell the movie was about. I think either zombies or bringing the dead back to life are involved. OK, let’s see the trailer (which features some top-notch practical FX) first…

Here’s a link to the official site.  So far it has the trailer, a broken link to merchandise, and this official synopsis: Bombshell Bloodbath concerns the daughter of a brilliant scientist who is exposed to her father’s experimental treatments designed to re-animate his wife. The movie follows her as her brain collapses and she becomes a zombie.

OK, we’ll go on that.

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 8.15.08 AM

As far as a release date, we’re sill looking. It just so happens, though, that there was a premiere tonight (technically yesterday, but on the 21st, anyway) in Greensboro. The page for the event also gives this info, which sure doesn’t hurt:

Writer/Director Brett Mullen’s new Italian Style Zombie Splatter film “Bombshell Bloodbath”, is Influenced by works of Lucio Fulci (Zombi 2) and Umberto Lenzi (Nightmare City), “Bombshell Bloodbath” resonates Fabio Frizzi styled tracks from Kansas City artist Matt Hill (UMBERTO) and boatloads of gore by Joh Harp FX.

It also includes this poster (though there are others, I’m guessing this is close to the tone of the movie):

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 8.32.41 AM

We’ll keep our eyeballs peeled for more release info. If they’re showing it, we definitely know they’ve finished the movie. Check back for details!


*Yeah, I made those up.  Maybe there is a movie with that first title in it, though. Plus for some reason italics stopped working completely with my theme last month, hopefully WordPress will correct it soon, because it makes the staff at Horror Boom look mighty stupid.

‘The Walking Dead’: Emily Kinney discusses the latest episode and Beth 2.0

Beth is great, but little Lizzie scared the shit out of me tonight. I don’t have a good feeling about her character if she’s replacing who I think she’s replacing in the comic… but nah, they could never show that on AMC. Or could they? Eeek!

‘Penny Dreadful’: First full sexy-gory trailer!

So far, so good. Since we are getting more and more amped up for Showtime’s Penny Dreadful series–we love when a movie or series is a horror tale and proud of it–we’ll be bringing you more news as it comes! Hit “View Original” at the bottom to check out the first full-length trailer (from EW.com). Check out the screen caps below…

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 5.11.27 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 5.10.48 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 5.07.42 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 5.11.59 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 5.13.30 PM

Hellions Horror Video Contest!

Couldn’t let this post from Ryan at Rhino’s Horror for a new contest pass without spreading the word! Can a horror short two minutes or less be scary as hell? Well, the short film “Mama” clocks in at two minutes, forty-five seconds (minus the end credits) and still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I’ve watched it dozens of times (hey, it’s a work of art) and still find it actively frightening. Horror Boom has posted plenty of Drew Daywalt’s “Fear Factory” shorts such as “Bedfellows” and “Mockingbird” that are LESS than two minutes. So yeah, I have faith that this contest will result in plenty untapped talent applying themselves, and ending up with contest entries that are the stuff of nightmares. Check out the piece for the rules and the deadline (click on “View Original” link at the bottom). What’s extra great is that the piece will actually be included (not just an extra on DVD) in the upcoming horror film Hellions (from Bruce McDonald, director of Pontypool). How cool is that?


As all of you guys know, Bruce McDonald—director of Pontypool—is currently hard at work on his latest horror feature Hellions, which is currently in the editing stage. In their way of giving back to the indie community, the cool cats behind Hellions are hosting an awesome short film contest to help spread the work of indie filmmakers. How cool is that? All you have to do is create the scariest short film up to 2 minutes long, and if they pick you as a winner you’ll have your work not only seen by horror fans from all over, but it will actually be seen in the film itself! Below are all the details!

View original post 283 more words

Happy Birthday Kim Novak – Watch Ms. Novak as Madeline At The Bell Tower In “Vertigo”!

When I think of Kim Novak, I have two initial thoughts: the first is the fact that when she started dating Sammy Davis Jr., the then-Studio Head of Columbia Pictures and well-known total asshole Cohn threatened Mr. Davis–to his face–that if he didn’t break things off with her and marry the first black woman he could find who was interested (the rotten prick started off by threatening to ‘put out his one good eye’, and  blinding him as he’d already lost the one eye in a car accident by then. Wedding bells rang ASAP. Wish that wasn’t what always, er, jumps to mind at the mention of her name, but her unforgettable performance in Vertigo comes along with it and quickly wipes the first thought out.

I also remember watching Vertigo for the first time in a theater as a teenager, at a really cool revival movie theater who showed different movies every day. Some bigger ones and premieres got one week, but most just got a day. We sat in the front row of the balcony and she proceeded to blow me away; I actually thought two different actresses played Madeline and Judy up until after I saw it and someone pointed it out to me. I remember that it was a weekend matinée, and there were lots of other teenagers there. Many audience members, including my date (who had his arm around me at the time), actually SCREAMED in a high voice during this, er, jump scene. Take a look below the SPOILER ALERT…

Although this happens in the middle of the movie, SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen Vertigo (which you really should do).

Happy 81st birthday, Ms. Novak!

Variety Film Review: ‘Haunt’ (So You Want To Hear A Ghost Story?)

Hey, good news: if you want to see this R-Rated haunted-house movie and don’t mind paying the price to rent it on VOD, Xfinity On Demand has Haunt (click for IMDB page) under IFC Midnight. If you live in one of those “Limited Release” cities (up in Seattle, the closest they usually get to us is Portland–if that–and I’m a pretty loyal movie geek, but it’d take a lot to get us drive down to Portland to see even a really cool horror movie, such as being escorted personally by Bruce Campbell the entire time and not having to wait in line) then you may get to see it theatrically in March 2014.
Check out the mostly positive review by Peter Labuza here; as an aside I’d like to bitch about how irritated I get when genre movies are referred to as “Following on the coattails of (insert similar, better-known box-office success film here)”. Yeah, the original Insidious came out before this movie, but it sounds like the filmmakers just saw The Conjuring was a huge hit and slapped something together to cash in. OK, yes, some genre movies–which I try to avoid–really do only get made in hopes of cashing in on a current trend.* Anyway, if a review is going to make a comparison of something that might be made in the same vein (so to speak) but independently, just use a different phrase other than “following on the coattails.” A more memorable, less vague title than “Haunt” is the only complaint I can think of right now–then again, some of the most unforgettable, exceptionally terrifying movies I’ve ever seen have simple titles (take Inside, [REC], The Thing, and most recently, The Conjuring–though that beats the film’s original boring-ass title, “The Warren Files”) Take a gander at the awesome Haunt poster below:

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 5.00.57 AM

…and check out the review. There’s no “Parent’s Guide” section on the IMDB page to skim over; however, sounds like this movie, unlike Insidious and The Conjuring, does contain some violent and grisly moments (unlike the first two which scared the living shit out of people with relied on creeping dread, ‘fridge scares’ AKA creepy reveals, and jump scenes that didn’t contain violence or gore but elicited plenty of screams). The reviews we’ve read do point out that the film does have its share of creepy moments, however, so we’re in. Note: for some reason, either Variety or WordPress has changed their link to “re-blogs” from “Read More” to “View Original”, so to read the entire Variety review, look for a link that says that instead.

Here’s a second less-than-subtle poster, though it does feature what we thought was the better tagline: SO YOU WANT TO HEAR A GHOST STORY?  Fuck yeah, we do! Let’s hope it’s a great one!

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 5.22.25 AM

*There are some really, REALLY bad found-footage movies out there; some even have the balls to use something close to the title (“Paranormal Entity”) as if horror fans are such fucking morons we won’t be able to tell the difference. The half-hearted rip-off crap that gets released just to do that borders on insulting, and–OK, I’m preaching to the converted here, probably, and I was yelling at the hacks out there, not you.