‘American Horror Story’: Stevie Nicks on her ‘Coven’ cameo: ‘Don’t you know? I have powers now!”

EW.com: So who’s your favorite witch on the show?
Stevie Nicks: Jessica is slinky and sexy and sultry — just the kind of witch I’d want to be. And Kathy Bates is so evil — she’s not even a witch! She’s just an evil, mean, fantastically crazy woman that did horrible, horrible things. And Angela Bassett is just so beautiful, and so voodoo’d out and vibey. She walks into the room, and you’re afraid. So really, all of those ladies.” We agree… and we also dug the lessons in shawl twirling!

‘American Horror Story’: Watch Stevie Nicks make a memorable entrance — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Loved the high-five at the end! “I told ya she was gonna do do that!” Also, can’t wait to see Ms. Nicks return appearance.

‘American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy talks Stevie Nicks’ debut on ‘Coven’ and which witches are actually dead — EXCLUSIVE

We still don’t know if Queenie is dead or not… but now we know about two people who are definitely not returning from the dead. Also, if you’ve seen the episode, you don’t need to read this to know that Lance Reddick was pretty goddamned scary as a coke-sniffing Papa Legba. Read on for more!