A Ghostly look at A Christmas Carol

Okay, so Christmas Day is over …but it’s still the holiday season for a few more days, damnitt!  So check out this awesome, well-crafted piece from Michael at Parlor of Horror as he gives you A Ghostly Look at A Christmas Carol! The moment when Bob Cratchit proving he’s real, not a bad dream, to Scrooge, scared the hell out of me in every version I’ve seen (still does).


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A Ghostly look at A Christmas Carol

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People tend to overlook that A Christmas Carol is not only a Christmas story, but it is also a ghost story. It seems as though Charles Dickens had quite a few ghost stories in his authorship and I have been reading them in his collection of ghost stories. Although there are many film versions of A Christmas Carol which include comedic takes and cartoon parodies, I wanted to focus on some of the more serious releases.

christmas carol - sim large_scrooge_sims

My favorite old classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ film is the 1951 version with Alistair Sim.  I’ve been watching this every year since I can remember. One thing that makes this version so good is the ominous score by Richard Addinsell. The deep baritone of the oboe matches the dark and grim feel of the film.

Lately I’ve been more engaged by my second favorite…

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