Digging into the Short Film Christmas Pile

OK, there was no way I could NOT re-blog this amazing list/collection of ten holiday-themed horror shorts from Axe-Wielding Alex at Pieces of Darkness. If you only watch one, check out the scene from 976-EVIL 2 that is near genius in blending It’s a Wonderful Life and Night of The Living Dead.  “Little Cracker” is especially creepy too, and… you know what? Watch all of them. You won’t be disappointed!

Pieces of Darkness

The Twelve Slays of Christmas 2013

For the tenth Slay of Christmas, this genre gave to me, ten vids-a-streaming, Santa’s assassin, crazy dancing eyebrows, Santa vs. Zombies, the anti-Santa Nackles, BILL GOLDBERG!, four creepy songs, Tales from the Crypt, Santa’s demon Krampus, and a scream queen hanging free!

Hopefully my previous slays have gotten you into the horror holiday mood, but if not you are in for a treat today. That’s right, this Axe-Wielding Santa is early for you good boys and girls and I come bearing the gifts of 10 short horrific films. Now, I’ve dug really deep into the pile this year to ensure that you don’t just get all of the same as previous seasonal holiday lists on other sites. But I will admit that there are a few chillers here that I found listed elsewhere that I…

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So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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