[PHOTOS] ‘American Horror Story’ Season 4 Ideas — Summer Camp – From TVLine

Most of these are, well, kind of dumb It’s not clear to me whether or not Andy Patrick of TVLine.com made them dumb on purpose as a form of parody-like  American Horror Story: Shady Pines. Grey Gardens –the documentary, that is– already made me actively frightened. Several don’t even take place in America (Congo? IN SPACE?), which rules them out. One of them shows big promise, though, in fact I’ve already been hoping they’ll do this theme: American Horror Story- Funland.  Have it take place long enough ago where they could still get away with side-shows …especially a freak show. Yeah, I can’t help thinking about HBO’s Carnivale. Set the “Funland” in the 1950s, that might help. Anyway, check it out on TVline.com via the link below.

[PHOTOS] ‘American Horror Story’ Season 4 Ideas — Summer Camp – TVLine.

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