‘The Walking Dead’: See Greg Nicotero’s storyboards for the epic supermarket zombie scene — EXCLUSIVE

“One minute they’re safe, and the next minute they’re literally in the center of a zombie herd. They don’t see them coming because they’re not coming from any traditional way, they’re coming from above. So, Grace Walker built an amazing — it was between Grace, and Darrell Pritchett, and Russell Towery — because we built a set that was 15 feet high that had an eight-foot drop ceiling, and then above that there was an eight-foot section where we believe the roof of our store was. So, we hung dummies all over the set and we’re dropping dummies and stunt guys through the holes. And we would do stuff where we would be shooting the ceiling and a dummy would break through, and then when the camera came down we’d have a person in makeup stand up in the foreground. So, we did all these little switches where it would look like you were seeing one come through and then you’re like, ‘Oh, my God!’ and it stands up in the frame.”

Greg Nicotero, from the EW.com piece above

Don’t miss the link to the photo gallery/storyboard comparison! Thanks again, EW.com.


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