Walking Dead Premiere Recap: The New Normal

The entire “it’s raining zombies” sequence was GOLD.


The Walking Dead Season 4If you had even the teensiest concern about how Scott Gimple would fare as The Walking Dead’s new showrunner, you can stab it in the head and lay it to rest. The AMC hit’s fourth season premiere, “30 Days Without an Accident,” was action-packed and stomach-turning, heartbreaking and funny. In other words, pretty effing awesome. Here’s what went down.

PHOTO | Walking Dead Exclusive First Look: Check Out Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Abraham Ford

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT | After a glimpse of some of the loveliest baby elephant ears you’ll ever see, especially outside of a penitentiary, we join Rick in the vegetable garden where he’s playing Farmer McGregor. (All he’s missing, Hershel suggests, are overalls and a bigger ass.) Apparently, since the Woodbury/prison merger, things have calmed down so significantly that the sheriff no longer even likes to carry a gun. However, when Rick sets out…

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