Aaron Paul spoils the ending of ‘Breaking Bad’ — PHOTO

Well, I’m glad they worked out all their differences after all! Don’t worry, no real spoilers, but you gotta see this photo…


2 thoughts on “Aaron Paul spoils the ending of ‘Breaking Bad’ — PHOTO

  1. you like “Breaking Bad” too?


    I have all the seasons!

    Watching it right now on AMC actually.

    Man, you rock!

    And I love that you changed you’re site color to red, I looooooooooooooooove
    that color!

    • Thanks, man. The color change was an accident but I ended up liking it and keeping it-was worried people would hate it. And I don’t like Breaking Bad, I FUCKING LOVE IT! You all caught up? See the finale? We rented season one and have been watching and totally hooked since S2. We own all the seasons on Blu-ray (love the blooper reels) except the first half of S5, when we heard about the complete series “barrel set” we decided to wait. Loved the finale, but I’m seriously worried about when it hits me that the show isn’t coming back, sort of in denial. Already can’t help feeling like I lost a friend. 😦

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