Venice Film Review: ‘Wolf Creek 2’

Another excerpt from Guy Lodge’s Variety review of Wolf Creek 2:

Production values are uniformly top-notch, reaping the benefits of what appears to be a considerably expanded budget: McLean can now afford 18-wheeler trucks barreling down hillsides in his chase sequences, and isn’t afraid to use them. Toby Oliver’s slick widescreen lensing delights in the warm coloring of Outback brushwood and human entrails alike, while Johnny Klimek’s sparsely thrumming score sits in stark contrast to music supervisor Gary Seeger’s gleefully cheesy soundtrack choices: Even the first “Wolf Creek” wouldn’t have dared unite killer and victim in an impromptu sing along of Rolf Harris’s “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.”

Read the Venice Film Festival review and find out what Mick’s motivation for all the rape, torture, and killing is–not what you’d think. Good to know, huh? Not big on torture-porn or dead wallabies at the moment, so we’re still on the fence about this one.

15 thoughts on “Venice Film Review: ‘Wolf Creek 2’

  1. “Now this little procedure is called, making a head on a stick, cause, once you’re
    spines severed right….

    He rams the knife straight into her spine, paralazing her, she falls to the floor,

    gasping in horror.

    And that’s what you are right, head on a stick, hehehehe.”

      • It truly sticks in you’re head, that’s for sure, along with the real murders, I first got interested in August, and now that it’s September I can’t get it out of my head, watching creepy videos on youtube, chilling.

        Actually, we already are “head on a stick”, cause our spinal cord is attached to our skull, so maybe severing her spine, her head snapped back or something?

        I know she couldn’t move, imagine what he did then?


  2. I think the real victims (Ivan Milat killed seven backpackers during the 90’s) deserve a
    better movie then “Wolf Creek”, he even did the spine trick on his victims, so they couldn’t run away!

    He even decapitated one girl, her head, was never found, and shot another in the head 10 times, one guy was shot in the head 6 times, like really, what was the point of that?

    Sick man, so glad he’s in jail now, without parole!

    Just hope the second “Wolf Creek 2” isnt as boring as the first one!

    They were murdered in “Belanglo state forest” in South Wales Australia, and in 2012, there was a copycat murderer that was related to Ivan, who murdered a man with a axe in the woods while his buddy captured it on a mobile phone!

    They’re in jail now, sick basterds.

    It was the same woods where Ivan had murdered and buried his victims.

    • Evil. evil, evil motherfucker. Guess they don’t have the death penalty there (hopefully he’s not in protective custody and is someone’s bitch, someone REALLY horrible like Vern Shillinger or Adebesi on HBO’s Oz)… Oh well, the needle’s too good for that guy. I saw some ad campaign for Wolf Creek 2 saying “JACK IS BACK!” which I don’t think was in the best taste when it’s based on a true story. I think they’ve changed it up since then, though. The second half (or 2/3) of the sequel is supposed to be good. Definitely waiting for DVD though. Main reason I bothered seeing the first one is a local film critic was so upset she walked out halfway through the movie–or should I say the special press screening held for reviewers (don’t get me started… does she know how many of us would do ANYTHING to get paid to review movies for a living? I don’t like her reviews anyway because she hates horror movies… OK, I shouldn’t have gotten started on that hack). When I hear a movie has walkouts, it goes right on my watch list (unless it’s due to animal violence, I can’t even stand to watch it when I know it’s fake).

      Agreed, the victims deserve a better movie!

  3. Interesting comment!

    And good for you for hating animal violence, I can’t stand it either, they’re too cute to be harmed!

    My 4 year old calico-tabby mixed cat Maggie was killed by a big black dog in my own backyard, she loved the outdoors.

    Maybe that critic was having a bad day or just walked out cause she was scared and just using mad as an excuse!

    I don’t know why Australia doesn’t have the death penalty, they should, since their criminals did so many sick things.

    There was another murder where a guy stopped a couple in their cars and shot the man in the head point blank range and kidnapped the woman but she got away and hid in the bushes while he tried to search with a torche but eventually gave up, she’s still alive while the killer is in jail for life, the victim’s body was NEVER found.

    I don’t feel right about Australia anymore, think I’ll stick to seeing it in movies or online, at least that way I’m safe!

    I would love to get paid to review movies, I love em!

  4. I need you’re help with something.

    Ever since I found about these “Aussie” murders, it’s been stuck in my head ever since, I don’t know how to get them out my head, sure, I’ve been distracting myself with other things, but I keep seeing pictures of the victims {when they were alive and not dead} night and day, just want it to end!

    What shall I do?

    • Yeah, I’ve made the mistake of looking at things online that really happened and had it f*ck me up for a couple of days. I think the first really horrible thing I saw–I had to wait till we got internet at home because no way could I look up NSFW stuff at work–were the “Natural Born Losers” photos. (don’t look it up unless you just want to replace one horrible true crime set of images with another). The backstory is that these white trash (hell, white toxic waste),scary meth-head bikers decided to have an affair and it seemed like a good idea at the time to 1. murder the husband 2. chop him up into something like 10 pieces and pose them, then BE IN the photos. This must have been the early 90s or something. The criminal masterminds figured it was OK to take the film to the local store to be developed, because a friend of theirs worked there who said he wouldn’t show them to anyone else! The geniuses didn’t stop to think that photos/negatives get sent out to be developed. Someone THERE who developed them saw them and took the photos right to the police. So they got caught and will probably die in prison, that kinda didn’t work out for them what with the photographic evidence (and this was before photoshop, etc). The photos of the body were horrifying but what really stuck with me were the photos of the couple posing (I won’t tell you what disgusting things they did, but I think they also got a ‘desecration of a corpse’ charge added to their tab, put it that way). The skinny meth woman (who was naked in some) scared the shit out of me, I’ll never forget the smile she had–so cheerful, like she was posing for vacation photos. THAT disturbed me, haven’t seen the site in ten years but can recall her face perfectly.

      Anyway, I have seen some things that REALLY messed with my head, including two movies I won’t name but they made me physically ill and the images are burned into my eyelids. One was based on a true story, I found out afterwards, which is information I did not need to know. I barely touched my dinner. Do you know how bad something–especially a movie, not something sad happening in my own life– has to upset me for me to not eat a plate of tasty food? (A lot) The one based on a true story I watched was very bad timing (having no idea what I was getting into) -the only time my husband’s ever been out of the country, BAD TIMING. I even watched it in the middle of the day and still had to take an Ambien (which I don’t like to do)just to fall asleep that night.

      OK, I better stop before this turns into a novella-length post. I watch something light and funny that I know will make me laugh (that I’ve seen before). Hell, I’ll watch Foghorn Leghorn or Scooby-Doo cartoons if I have to.
      I don’t know what your taste is but watching this You Tube video (on this linked post) ALWAYS cheers me up: “Horror Boom Halloween Treat – Grim Grinning Ghosts (From Disney’s House of Mouse Episode “House Ghosts”)” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>
      Repeat as many times as needed! Take care… Dee Dee

  5. Wow, that crime sounds horrendous, no chance I’m looking that up, too scary!

    The first time I saw the first “Texas Chainsaw” massacre movie from the 70’s scared me so bad that I didn’t sleep that first night, or the next night.

    Well, I’ll be truthful here, it wasn’t the movie that scared me, it was the features, talking about the real guy, been fearful of him ever since, like, I know he’s dead and all but man, eerie.

    Oh yeah, also afraid of chainsaws and not going to Texas anytime soon, hahaha!

    Anyways, thanks for giving me info on what to watch to cheer me up, so sorry you had to witness those horrendous photos, and that you can’t forget that bitches smile!

    But last night I decided, it’s time to let the backpack murders go and to just forget about the victims, they’re in a much better place right now anyways, at least I hope so.

    And I love “Grim grinning Ghosts” and the haunted mansion ride, remember going on it years ago!

  6. I remember reading {can’t remember where, sorry} about some young girls watching the first “Wolf Creek” in the theatre and during one of the torture scenes, she got
    grossed out and turned her head.

    this is the scary part!

    behind her, was the guy that played Mick!

    they stared at each other, until he did that creepy laugh and she turned away.

    poor girl, that must of been very creepy!

  7. the real murders are really sad since I saw pictures and they seemed like nice people,
    if only they didn’t hitch-hike!

    I read on one site or heard on a video that they’re parents told them NOT TO hitch-hike, why didn’t they listen?

    I don’t even want to imagine the phone call they got from the police, telling them they found their sons or daughters, remains.

    that must of hurt.

    RIP victims, never forgotten.

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