Notice, Uh, Anything Different?


Yeah, yeah, we notice it too. The color scheme has gone from simple to what is probably a pain in the ass to read, and half the widgets are gone. So, we, what happened was, we saw a new theme and went to do a “live demo” on Word Press (which we’ve done many times before, whimsically and successfully), and hit the wrong button (“Activate”) by mistake. The system too this very seriously and changed the theme. When we changed it back, the color scheme, customization, and pretty much everything except the title and the posts were ALL GONE! We’ve been re-building it for hours, and it’s getting light out, so we’re gonna have to leave the colors like this for now, because that one is the biggest pain in the ass to restore. Oh, and we saw that the “countdown” boxes are completely black, too. Sorry. Thanks for bearing with us while we restore it.


Stay scared, and don’t forget the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad premiere tonight, August 11th! We know what’s in the cold open, and it’ll freak you the hell out, yo!

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 thoughts on “Notice, Uh, Anything Different?

  1. Hate when those things happen. Sorry. That’s why my theme will probably never change for fear I’d screw it up. If it makes you feel better, it still looks great from my phone!

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