The Conjuring

OK, coming up next: “Ten Ways To Kill Time While Waiting To See The Conjuring”. Seriously.

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Hats off to the distributor of The Conjuring, you are going to make a lot of horror fans happy as this is the best horror film of 2013.

I don’t admit this very often, but I was scared, I was scared while watching The Conjuring and I was lucky to be seeing this during the day. The thing about The Conjuring is, even though it borrows from other paranormal films, it works and it works well.

It’s great to see a distributor having some faith in a real horror film again (that’s not a hand held, no story piece of junk) and showcasing this talent around the Country. Recently, horror films such as The Purge and Sinister have gone straight to DVD or has had only a limited release as it’s an expensive risk if the film doesn’t connect. Hats off to the distributor of The Conjuring, you are going…

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