‘Breaking Bad’: Watch two new teases — VIDEO

OK, Breaking Bad isn’t horror per se. I suppose I could point out that Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger *have* done gore effects –flawlessly– for the show several times, especially in S4, culminating in ONE OF THE GREATEST, MOST SHOCKING, SATISFYING REVEALS/PAYOFFS IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION. Yes, I was shouting that DELIBERATELY! Yes, a drug cartel decapitated a character played by Danny Trejo (with a machete, we found out in flashback), placed it on a tortoise, and had it walk into a DEA meet in the desert before it BLEW THE FUCK UP and arms and legs of the agents that were standing too close went flying all over. If you watch it, the whole show is pretty dark, but you find it classified strictly as “Crime Drama,” not the “Horror/Action” (if that’s a genre that generic TV classification recognizes). However, most horror fans I’ve met watch the show and are fans. There’s only eight episodes remaining (sniffle!), and Horror Boom will cover it from time to time, as we’ve done with certain episodes of Game of Thrones (I posted what, 10 pieces on the Red Wedding episode, and could write ‘Ten Fucked-Up Things That Happen On Game of Thrones’ standing on my head after three shots of vodka). Honestly, these “clips” could have just as easily been presented as motion posters. Hell, I’ve seen more action in some motion posters. But Breaking Bad is Breaking Bad, it’s roughly a month until the final eight episodes air, and we hardcore BrBa fans will take what we can get! Man, let’s hope Jesse makes it out alive and well…

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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