Watch “The Red”- Scariest Short Horror Film Of The Day For More Than One Reason (A Real-Life Terror)

OK, so first check out the creepy short. We’re not talking pee-your-pants scary like the Mama short horror film, or the most frightening Daywalt Fear Factory shorts we’ve featured, but it’s worth a look, and unnerving on its own – more interesting to go in clean.  Here it is:

OR, if you’re in a hurry, here’s the condensed 4-minute version (though I prefer the un-nerving build-up in the 7-minute version above):

If you REALLY are in a hurry and also have an attention span of less than a minute, then here’s the short teaser for the short film:

Yeah, being in debt is scary as shit.  We discovered the movie after there was a link on a horror site that just said, WHAT IS THE RED? and gave a link to the movie.  Oooo, new viral horror marketing of some sort! CLICK. We give it props for actually making it creepy –check out the directors and editor  (Antonio Campos, Sean Durkin, and Josh Mond on the directing team of Borderline Films, and editor Andrew Marcus) –all of whose pedigree is not too shabby, to explain that. Usually a marketing campaign for something that looks like a horror film runs the risk of pissing you off by making you feel cheated, but we feel the presentation was perfect, and also didn’t figure out till the end of the short exactly why it was made.

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 2.59.39 AM

The official press states:

We didn’t just make The Red to scare you. We made it to give you a fighting chance against the very real problem of student debt. We hoped that if we made you leap out of your seat, we might just get you to jump into action, take charge, and get savvy about a serious problem hanging over 37 million Americans.

The official site,, is worth checking out–it’s a non-profit organization …AND there’s a sweepstakes ending June 30th for $10,000 to help whoever wins pay back some student loan debt.  That’s a cause we can get behind and promote (especially anyone who went deep into debt to get their film made because they believed in it–and themselves– and wanted to finish it even if  they knew it meant facing years of shitty debt).

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 2.53.46 AM

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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