Ten Trailers to Keep You Awake #4 – Shutter (2004)

Yes, it’s another reblog,originally from 2012. Still trying to fill in with popular, quality posts from 2012, due to some down time when we were out of commission: Mrs. Horror Boom had pneumonia and lost one of her best friends (got the phone call for that right after I came home from being diagnosed w/”walking pneumonia”), and Mr. HB was very, very busy. Anyway, don’t know about you, but it is BOILING up here, and we all need some chills to cool us down. I’m guessing you probably do too. Let’s try this for now, huh? Arp, if you’re reading this, skip the photos till you see the movie! Anyone else who hasn’t seen the ORIGINAL 2004 version of Shutter, from THAILAND (THAT one only) watch it! ASAP! OK. well, hold off if you’re having anxiety attacks or are a nervous wreck and calm down first, because Shutter has been known to cause these effects when watched alone in the dark.



…until I review [Shutter], I should probably just keep this short and…well, this movie  is anything but sweet.

I’ve found that this excellent, well-crafted trailer is equally creepy whether or not you’ve seen the movie. It showcases the most frightening aspects of the movie without revealing so much that you wonder if you should bother with the 90-minute version. The tags sound chilling in the first place, but if you’ve seen the Thai film Shutter (2004), at least one of them-

they just want to be…
around us

will make your skin crawl. Watching this trailer again before this posting made the hairs on my arms and neck stand up, and it’s still light out. Since I got moving today while the sun was out, I thought, this’ll be a good time to post one of the seven trailers left on this list that really could keep me awake…

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