PREVIEW – Outstanding ZOMBIE Exhibit Curated By Travis Louie At Last Rites Gallery In NYC (Monster Fresh)

Really meant to get this up sooner, but we got knocked on our asses by pneumonia (and losing a dear friend suddenly) right as this was about to get posted. It really is something worth looking at. You can use the big red link below to look through plenty of images from the preview.

PREVIEW – ZOMBIE exhibit curated by Travis Louie @ Last Rites Gallery [NYC] | Monster Fresh.


Man, we’d love to take a look at this in person… especially horror photographer Joshua Hoffine’s zombie masterpiece, Last Stand. Take a look, hell, we’d buy it and prominently display it if we had the scratch.

From the official press release:

As an artist, Travis Louie is known for his meticulously thought-out vision. He plans his paintings like a cinematographer, setting up a distinct look and feel and back story that connects his body of work. However, the tables will be turned at Last Rites Gallery‘s upcoming show “Zombie,” a large group show curated by Louie featuring a wide variety of artists — from Steven J. Daily to Brandt Peters to Allison Sommers and more. For the show, Louie will relinquish creative control and invite the artists to interpret the theme of the undead. See the complete line-up and a sneak peek at the art below and check out the show May 25 – June 26.

The full list of artists includes: Stefano Alcantara, Mia Araujo, William Basso, Michael Canavan, John Cebollero, Peter Chan, Bobby Chiu, Dave Chung, Steven J Daily, Matt Dangler, Brendan Danielsson, Kato Destefan, Dave DeVries, Rick Dienzo, Bob Dob, Zoetica Ebb, Bob Eggleton, Steve Ellis, Katelan Foisy, Alex Garant, Mark Garro, Eliza Gauger, Lisa Gloria, Gothic Hangman, Stan Grograou, Fred Harper, Kelley Hensing, Stephen Hickman, Joshua Hoffine, Martin Hsu, Charlie Immer, Sarah Joncas, J Anthony Kosar, Aimee Kuester, Edith Lebeau, Steven “Kid” Lew, Robert Mackenzie, Angie Mason, Vince Natale, Vincent Di Nguyen, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Lou Pimentel, Stephen Price, Carlos Ramos, Brandi Read, Chris Seaman, Allison Sommers, Tatiana Suarez, Lamour Supreme, Mark Texeira, Ben Walker, Eric Wilkerson, David C Wong, Jasmine Worth, Jane Ann Wynn, Chet Zar and Zombienose.

If you’d like to take a look at the making of Last Stand, there’s a series of great posts documenting the making-of process that we re-blogged from Hoffine’s awesome blog here, and another one here. Definitely work taking a look at!

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