See Promising First ‘Insidious: Chapter 2’ Trailer: Hello Terror, (And Tiny Tim) My Old Friend


OK, straight up: I’m not sure how they’re going to explain away the fact that the first Insidious ended (Er, SPOILER ALERT FOR INSIDIOUS (2011)!!!! with Patrick Wilson‘s possessed character strangling Lin Shaye‘s character to death, after which it is established the (fucking terrifying) old woman in black finally got her hands on and her spirit into him – just NO RETCON, PLEASE, JAMES WON! That was one of the most awesome, chilling, clever endings I’ve seen in a long time. The icing on the cake was the smash cut to the title credit — when a horror movie does that BOOM! I’m OUT! drop-the-mic style ending, which was/is master of horror John Carpenter‘s trademark, picked up later by other horror directors who are clearly horror fans (example: Sam Raimi). This here horror fan has been known to spontaneously shout, “YEAH!” and burst into applause seeing a horror movie in the theater that ends this way, not caring whether or not the rest of the crowd joins in or not (as Mr. Horror Boom slumps down in his seat). OK, anyway, I’d buy it explained away as a dream. Lin Shaye is shown in the cast on the IMDB page, maybe CPR brings her back… oh hell, for now I’ll trust Wan. “Specs” and his partner are in the trailer –and the cast list on the IMDB page–too. Enough of my yakking, take a look at the trailer for Insidious Chapter 2 theatrical trailer above!

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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