The Lords of Salem Review – UK DVD Version (Dread Central)

Well, this is unfortunate. We’ll give you our two cents after the Dread Central review.

Click on the big red link below to check out what they had to say. Hint: it probably won’t make you run out and see/rent the movie.

Lords of Salem, The (UK DVD) Review – Dread Central.



Disclaimer :we haven’t seen The Lords of Salem, but have read many, many reviews similar to this-and have seen everything else Zombie has made, even The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. We almost bought a copy of The Devil’s Rejects–and the original House of 1000 Corpses screenplay, which Zombie should have stuck with*. We’re considering checking out Rob Zombie’s tie-in novel of The Lords of Salem, ( written with B.K.Evenson), or at least an e-book sample.

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 7.18.04 AM

Pretty sure this was one of the drawings of production art included in the screenplay for House of 1000 Corpses we have– rented the movie for that alone.

At this point, anyway, Zombie doesn’t have the skills needed to write and direct a satisfying genre movie.  He’s got potential, and a great eye for detail. He needs a collaborator to tell him when to stop, to cut something out, and tell him when an entire act needs a rewrite. Writing likeable characters would be nice, too. Other reviewers and fans besides me have stated they’re getting tired of watching horrible white trash families, usually with drug or alcohol problems, scream at each other (and we’re not talking about The Devil’s Rejects, that family got along fine, within itself, they just were vicious and sadistic to innocent victims). He clearly has the drive, and his heart’s in the right place. His directing is fine, his premises are usually great, but his screenplays need help. Unfortunately, he’s going to needs to figure this out on his own (I can’t see Rob Zombie co-operating with some intervention). We just hope he never gives up before he does find a good partner or collaborator.

We're usually happy to cut Zombie slack simply for coming up with THIS.

We’re usually happy to cut Zombie slack simply for coming up with THIS.


The Lords of Salem theatrical release date is April 19th, 2013; not sure if it’s limited or they’re going the Halloween/Halloween 2 route and doing a wide release.


Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 7.32.19 AM


*the coolest thing in the copy of the screenplay we have are half a dozen drawings by Zombie of the sets, plus some really awesome production art — there’s a REALLY cool one of the gas station/fried chicken-joint/sideshow/haunted thrill-ride Sid Haig‘s character runs.  Actually, that place was the coolest thing in the movie, too.


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