New Cool ‘Dexter’ Season Eight Trailer Teases The Endgame (We Hope- Screencrave)

Well, all good things must come to an end, even though in retrospect (lately we’ve been re-watching Dexter, the first few seasons, on Blu Ray and only consider owning S1-4, and the difference in quality and viewer entertainment  between the first seasons is even more striking compared to the most recent), we think it would have been wise to end with S5… and S4 would have been an even stronger time to end. Now that would have been ballsy. You can see the teaser for what has been called by the network president the final season; though the promos aren’t calling it “The Final Chapter”, “The End of Dexter”, “The Epic Ending Season” or anything we’d expect them to. We’d really like an official Dexter PR campaign–or Michael C. Hall- confirming it, but this promo shows promise and hints at it. Even though there is no new footage of scenes from the show (airing this summer on Showtime instead of the traditional Fall premiere, so they’ve been shooting), we liked it enough to point you its way on – just click the big red link below.


‘Dexter’ Season Eight Trailer Teases The Endgame



If we get any updates on A. a grudging announcement officially given out by Showtime (or Michael C. Hall, or Jennifer Carpenter) or B. a trailer (or even some cool photos) showing official footage, you’ll be the first to know.

HEY! LAST-MINUTE UPDATE: A few weeks ago, Michael C. Hall himself confirmed this will indeed be Dexter’s final season. There’s a link under Related Articles below for you to read more.

What pains us is that the first half of Season 7 showed such promise that we actually thought there’d been a changing of the guard at Showtime* (new writers, a new show-runner, etc.) Maybe the episodes up until Dexter decides to start banging Hannah were done by a team of people behind the scenes who took matters into their own hands. Who knows, maybe the writers that gave us the show we loved back were secretly in some kind of pact, got a plan in place and started drugging the staff responsible for Season 6 (the season nicknamed Hello Whore by the Onion AV Club) with roofies and had taken over the show. Then, midway through, the S6 writers started to catch on and by the last third of the season, took the show back, and well… it was nice while it lasted. Then the wheels started coming off, but we still held out hope.

It’s almost worse than an entire shitty season, to have become cautiously optimistic after three consistent quality episodes, then more confident, then around episode seven see a couple of red flags (Quinn’s already mediocre “subplot” going downhill with expected yet still alarming speed, Dexter deciding to totally trust Hannah instead of following through with the kill), then with every episode hoping it was just a temporary glitch and the wheels weren’t coming off the whole damn thing …even up to the finale we held out a sliver of hope. Well, surprise, motherfucker! Sigh.

Dexter's Blood on the Street

Dexter’s Blood on the Street (Photo credit: The Bay Harbor Butcher)

That’s enough on that subject before this turns into a multi-part essay, but here’s a review from the A.V. Club of the episode where Team Hello Whore apparently returned for good; I believe it’s subtitled Well, It Was Nice While It Lasted.  The reviewer is skilled at pointing out what went wrong and why we all wish it had gone differently (no-one wants to hate this show). In fact, all the reviews for S7, and S6 for that matter, are worth a read if you have some time to kill.

English: Actress Jennifer Carpenter – Comic-Co...

Actress Jennifer Carpenter at Comic-Con 2009 – San Diego, Calif. – July 23, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*we weren’t the only blog/publication that got that impression from the superb season premiere, especially the final scene, either… but it turned out not to be the case.

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