‘The Walking Dead’: Andrea (SPOILER REMOVED)— Laurie Holden Talks Season 3 Finale – TVLine

There are certain parts of this interview that have started a rumor. AND THIS IS ALREADY A RUMOR, WE ARE ONLY REPEATING IT BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY STARTED OUT AS A THEORY.  The LAST thing we want is for Horror Boom to become some horror gossip rag.


‘The Walking Dead’: Andrea Dies — Laurie Holden Talks Season 3 Finale – TVLine.



Someone intelligent posted it to the AV Club Walking Dead message board after the review, and after reading it, we …well… would not be totally shocked if it turned out to be true. All we’ll say is, refer to the parts where the fate of her character was changed at the last minute. It’s easy to read between the lines from there. We hope, however, that it did NOT in fact go down that way. Either way, Laurie Holden and Andrea will be missed.

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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