Count Down Till Sunday Night With A TON of Links, Photos, and Content From The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale! (Daily Dead)

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If you’re itching for The Walking Dead S3 Finale on March 31st (Sunday), here’s a TON of content to keep you busy, including clips (the two ‘Sneek Peaks’ from AMC), interviews, a set report/visit on Season 4, and much, much more. Click the big red link below to check them all out!

Clips from The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale, PLUS Links, and a TON of reading!  (Daily Dead).

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“Nice Town You Picked, Norma…” Bates Motel Review (Ep. 102) From The A.V. Club (Major Spoilers)

“Nice Town You Picked, Norma…”  Bates Motel / TV Club/ The A.V. Club.


Hilarious Trailer/Review of Chupacabra VS. The Alamo (2013) From Dread Central

The creature effects are hit and miss, to be polite, but when they’re a miss, it’s actually quite hysterical. The Chihuahuacabras are already amongst the least menacing looking Syfy monsters ever, and seeing these unconvincing computer effects tackling live-action victims with terminal velocity, even dropkicking humans and tossing them into the air with their surprisingly powerful jaws, is ridiculously entertaining.

-Dread Central Review of Chupacabra VS. The Alamo

Not exactly the most threatening Syfy movie monster...

Not exactly the most threatening Syfy movie monster…

You can also watch a hilariously bad trailer for the movie, along with the review by Foywonder, by clicking on the big red link below.

Chupacabra vs. The Alamo (2013) Review – Dread Central (Yeah, it’s a Syfy Original Movie).