Norman Reedus On His Heartbreaking Last Scene With Michael Rooker ( SPOILERS!

Yep… it was a heart-breaker. Something about the way a weeping Daryl pushed zombie Merle off him several times was so “little brother” that it hurt to see …great acting job on both their parts.

Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 10.27.59 PM

We’re also sorry to hear it was so rough on Norman Reedus to perform. We have the finale to look forward to soon, though!

Sorry this is a little late. That scene was surprisingly sad. We’ll miss Rooker, too, dammit!

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SXSW Review and Theatrical Trailer for “Hours” (Variety): This Looks Way Too Scary For Us

The Hurricane Katrina drama Hours may not be strictly labelled a horror movie – but tell that to the main character of this movie, Nolan (Paul Walker).  Still don’t think it’s terrifying? Watch the trailer – we’d rather face a zombie attack than change places with this movie’s lead.
Too scary for us.