The 7 Reasons Why New Orleans Is America’s Most Haunted City

Since American Horror Story Season 3 will be taking place (and will be filmed) in New Orleans, I’ve been reading more and more about. Mr. Horror Boom and I (in other words, all two of us here at Horror Boom) are both probably what you’d call skeptics (and so are most of the people we know, horror fans or not), but don’t try to change other’s beliefs as long as they’re not hurting anybody. We recently saw Red Lights (2012) and The Awakening (2011); we haven’t gotten to writing a review yet, but both have central characters who are experts when it comes to exposing greedy people who make good money by pretending to have strong psychic powers.

Either way, Mrs. Horror Boom here loves to read about it, when the pieces are written gracefully and thoughtfully.  Here’s a pretty cool, interesting article why New Orleans is considered America’s most haunted city. It’s officially in the top ten most haunted cities; we’re trying to find something confirming it as America’s most haunted city- even now, it’s widely regarded by many in the paranormal community. Maybe that’s why Ryan Murphy decided to set AHS Season Three there…

Click on the big red link below to read more. There’s actually a couple of reasons that never crossed our minds…

The 7 Reasons Why New Orleans Is America’s Most Haunted City.

English: The official seal of New Orleans, Lou...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

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