‘Walking Dead’ Star Promises Jaw-Dropping Finale – “You’ll Never See It Coming” (ETonline.com)!

ETonline:  …the season finale is almost upon us. How do you think fans will react to it?
Roberts: The Walking Dead fans will not feel cheated by the finale. It’s not a soft close for sure. As [the season] starts to wrap up, it gets stronger, crazier and weirder. Although you’ll never see it coming, when it cuts to black at the end of season three, there will be millions of mouths agape.

Click on the big red link below to read more in this interview with Dallas Roberts, who plays Milton on AMC’s The Walking Dead:


‘Walking Dead’ Star Promises Jaw-Dropping Finale/  ETonline.com.


Screen shot 2013-03-09 at 8.08.44 AM


Anyone got any predictions on the horrible surprise we are all being told is waiting for us at the end of the season? If it’s anything like the comic, the parents I’ve heard who watch their kids under ten years old watch the show might be re-considering.. We’re actually nervous Kirkman they’re going to fuck it up by doing something that can’t be un-done, only to regret it when Season 4 goes down-hill, ratings drop (though it’d take a lot to make THAT happen at this stage of the game) and that the creators of the show don’t have an exit plan. We honestly hope that isn’t the case, though, and we’re just being cynical.


So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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