Why You May End Up Deciding To Skip The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) – Review/Spoiler Link (Best-Horror-Movies.Com)

“Missed opportunity is the theme of the day with this film, and even the good performers couldn’t save the fact that nothing ever really happens… Even the climax, which should by all accounts be the most exciting and fear-inducing part of the film, was so wrought with obviously fake dummies flying out windows and CGI flames that it was laughable, almost an insult. If an audience is going to sit through a slow and tedious script watching set-up and drama unfold, then that same audience is due some kind of payoff. The Last Exorcism Part II has no payoff whatsoever.”

– From “The Last Exorcism 2” review, © Don Sumner  (Editor-in-Chief of best-horror-movies.com)

All very good points. All very good reasons to avoid this movie like the plague, as well.

We haven’t seen the movie yet; furthermore, we’re not going to. Me personally?  Ole Mrs. Horror Boom admits to a strong dislike of the first film (seen for free on Netflix streaming and I still was mad I’d wasted my time). Ashley Bell was the best and creepiest thing about the movie, I have no quarrel whatsoever with her and was in fact impressed by her talent.  Even if the movie hadn’t been filled with plot holes you could drive a truck through and a batshit ending (batshit in the worst way, not the fun kind), they lost me when they broke the first rule of what NOT to put in a found footage horror movie: ADDING A GODDAMNED SOUNDTRACK in post, including ambient music to set moods and worst of all, “stingers” during jump moments/reveals.

Okay… deep breath…

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 4.48.53 AM

Some people/reviewers who had mixed feelings about the first movie but a modicum of hope for Part 2 have said they actually ended up preferring Part 1.  I had a sliver of optimism due to the fact A. this time it wasn’t found footage they could bungle like before and B. seemed to promise a more coherent story arc*. I also thought Ashley Bell’s performance might make up for any shortcomings. Then I saw…

Uh-oh…  well, that doesn’t guarantee a failure, I thought. Then I started reading review after review from publications I trust, and most of them end up being as disappointed in the movie as Best-Horror-Movies.com in the below review…  click on the big red link to check it out!

The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) Review (from Best Horror Movies.com)


If you want a complete spoiler for the film, the same cool horror website has also provided one! I personally appreciated this, as I wanted to read what this train-wreck consisted of (especially the notoriously stupid ending that seemed to knock every single reviewer’s already low-grade/rating down a notch).  They usually don’t run detailed spoilers,  and we rarely link to them because we’re usually writing about movies we’re pulling for and rooting to make enough well-deserved revenue. Not so much in this case. Click on the even bigger red link below to check out a complete spoiler for The Last Exorcism 2;  it’s probably got to be more entertaining than sitting through the flick.**

The Last Exorcism 2 Explained – Complete Spoiler For The Sequel,  Spoiled By Don Sumner (We’re Pretty Sure The Thing’s Already Rotten, Though).

Uncle Creepy from Dread Central wrote
in a comment (after Jinx’s review of the movie went live on Dreadcentral.com) that he hated it, and it easily made his worst of the year list thus far.. Check out the links above to read them;  the review on DreadCentral.com has ripped into it the least so far, or was the most tactfully bad review.

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 3.17.31 AM

We’ll leave you to look up the Rotten Tomatoes Rating…

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 4.46.20 AM

Original poster art that exceeds the quality of the movie (and the poster they ended up using) by far.

*As opposed to the “I think I’ll end the movie riiiiiiiiight…. HERE!” approach taken by the director, all too popular in recent shitty found-footage movies (and some non-found-footage ones also, sadly).

**You want entertainment, be sure to check out the last link under “Related Articles” below, which shows the Last Exorcism 2  “Beauty Shop Prank”‘. Lots of people said they would have just laughed at the mirror reveal (and some do). Depending on what kind of mood I was in (example: *ahem* mellow and relaxed, or ‘watched a few too many creepy Asian horror films recently’), I would have at least jumped and/or blurted out, “What the FUCK!” before I figured it out. “Nell” spider-walking suddenly through the room, though? I would have been out of my chair and down the street within seconds, probably even on Xanax.

2 thoughts on “Why You May End Up Deciding To Skip The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) – Review/Spoiler Link (Best-Horror-Movies.Com)

  1. I think with the prank, at first I’d be scared. Then I’d be really impressed, and tell the girl she was awesome. I think it’s amazing when women have that kind of power to scare people, I don’t know why exactly, I think it’s just a kind of kick-ass chick thing.

    • I agree 100% with the kick-ass chick thing! I’d want to meet her (after I calmed down) and tell her I wish I could do that spider-walk thing and scare the hell out of people. Other than being Caucasian, I can do a pretty scary Kayako. Not as scary as Fuji-San, though. No-one can come close to her. Dig your comment!

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