He’ll be missed! By the way, that’s a song by The Troggs called, “With A Girl Like You” that they play in the trailer for Warm Bodies  (the new zom-rom-com).  We’re sorry to see him go.

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Reg Presley was one of the great rock singers. Nobody else sounded like him. Anybody who thinks the Troggs were just “Wild Thing” and “Love is All Around” are mistaken because their albums are really good. Whatever style they decided to put their mind to came out good.

Here they dominate the teenybopper bubblegum genre with “Hip Hip Hooray”. It’s bubblegum, but still sounds dirty.
Check out these lyrics:
Oh me oh my
Blueberry pie
My girl’s got a funny look in her eye
Every night
She makes love to me so hip hip hooray! 

Then when shit got heavy later in the 60’s, the Troggs were right there showing how it’s done. Check out this heavy psych monster “Maybe The Madman”. Reg’s singing on this might have successfully accomplished what the 13th Floor Elevators set out to do with their powerful idea of “playing the acid” (getting the…

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Park Chan-Wook’s “STOKER” Gets A Rave Review From Fangoria – Yet Another Reason We Cannot WAIT To See This! (Sundance Movie Review)

STOKER proves that the director’s unique brand of thrills and chills works in any language. For horror fans seeking something fresh and unique, look no further.

We put Park Chan-Wook‘s English-language début film, Stoker,  on out Ten Most Anticipated in Horror list for 2013. There’s plenty of reasons we can’t wait, but let’s start with one of  the many raves from the film’s premiere at Sundance.

…just because the film finds weight within its dramatic elements doesn’t mean horror fans will feel neglected. STOKER has several disturbing scenes, one in particular featuring explicit violence that leads to one of the film’s most jaw-dropping revelations. STOKER manages to be simultaneously beautiful, thrilling and frightening, and is different from most anything we’ve seen in recent time…

Here’s a couple of especially choice bits that made us grin with anticipation (the review itself, was written for Fangoria by ©Ken Hanley, so the block quotes in our post here belong to Hanley and Fangoria.©

Park pulls no punches, allowing the story to venture into dark places while always maintaining a level of class that elevates even the most shocking of scenes. STOKER never feels exploitative or even overtly horrific, but the atmosphere that Park and his cinematographer, Chung Chung-hoon, build through their awe-inspiring visuals inspires terror of the soul rather than of the senses.

Click the big red link below to read more on Stoker …and to read the Fangoria review!


“STOKER” (Sundance Movie Review by Ken Hanley).


Oh, MANY more reasons why we’re totally stoked psyched for the movie are coming, don’t worry, and if you have yet to be swayed (or haven’t heard much about the film), the review should piqué your interest… at the very least!

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