Interview: Sarah Paulson On The Twisty Second Season of American Horror Story – Spoilers (From The A.V. Club)

I came  across the interview with Sarah Paulson on evening of the American Horror Story  Asylum finale on The Onion A.V. Club by Todd VanDerWerff (who also impressively reviewed every episode of the season, and I agreed with him the majority of the time). It’s the most in-depth print interview I’ve found with her about Season Two/American Horror Story Asylum, and even though this season is wrapped, I can’t recommend it enough. Click on the big red link below to check it out.


Sarah Paulson on the twisty second season of American Horror Story TV/Interview/The A.V. Club (Todd VanDerWerff).


You know he's the asshole, right?

You know he’s the asshole, right?