American Horror Story Asylum Recap: Whatever Happened To Happily Ever After? “Continuum” Episode 12 –

OK, when my weekly piece on Episode 11, “Spilt Milk” is this late, and the season finale is less than 24 hours away, I’ve accepted the unfortunate fact that I’m going to have to skip “Ten (Depressing) Things We Learned From American Horror Story Episode 12, Continuum,” because it’s that or skip Episode 11, which is pretty much impossible to skip. It may be a couple weeks late, goddamnit, but I ain’t skipping it.

Instead I wanted to find the best possible recap and post THAT, which I’ve done here. Jeff Jensen picked up on things I managed to miss after multiple viewings, so give it a read! Click the link below, and check out the comprehensive recap for “Continuum” – well worth your time.

American Horror Story Asylum recap: Whatever Happened To Happily Ever After?  Season 2 Episode 12  (





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