Fast Site Update – Mrs. Horror Boom’s Hand Is Temporarily On The Disabled List, But Wait!

Hey! Here’s a little update, that I might not bother with if it wasn’t going to be such a busy and writing-intensive week. Grrr, shitty timing.

So I got up today (ironically looking forward to all the posts this week that would focus on Mama  and American Horror Story), pretty much injured myself right out of the starting gate when I went to get the mail, turned around and saw, out of the blue, one of our more curious indoor cats sticking her head out the open door and getting that look cats get right before they make a really ambitious and possibly dangerous leap without sizing things up first (if you’ve ever owned a cat, especially a kitten, you know that exact intense, wild, I’m going for this and seeing what happens later-type of  look). By instinct, I then did a clumsy sort of horizontal dive to get her back inside, next thing I know I’m (unintentionally) hitting at the indoor tile entryway and breaking my fall with my left hand, knees, and right foot.  I swear that at one point before I hit, my entire body lost contact with the ground.*   Banged up two fingers on my left hand– not badly enough to go to the doctor, but enough I had to ice my hand (and one of my knees) on and off all day and evening.  Took some Aleve, enough for my hand not to bother me if I time it right and type in shorter bursts, but typing longer than 20 minutes doesn’t feel so great for now.

That’s my explanation to you about the usually American Horror Story Asylum post-episode piece (for the episode “Spilt Milk”) probably being late or last-minute this week (those always take the most time, and typing). I made it to Lana’s tense, then triumphant exit from Briarcliff, then OUUUCH. Hopefully it’ll just be had today and tomorrow, then improve, because we have a post-packed week…

Obviously my hand looks nothing like this (not the most realistic practical joke prop)

Obviously my hand looks nothing like this (not the most realistic practical joke prop)

Good news is, I have a bunch of cool new Mama  links and coverage I can pass on to everyone. Among the cool shit is a rare interview with Javier Botet  (the very talented, tall and skinny actor who plays the title character in Mama  and brought  the all-too-memorable as The Medieros Girl –AKA the Attic Monster– in the scariest found-footage movie ever put to film to date, Spain’s [REC] ,  to life– if you can call it that), and the only formal review I’ve found after scouring online for one, that gives a bit more of the plot set-up …and yeah, it’s a great review) that won’t take a ton of typing.

So keep your eyes peeled for Mama coverage and a couple of polls, plus coverage of American Horror Story Asylum’s penultimate episode (sniffle) “Continuum” airing this week, and the finale next week, titled “Madness Ends”.

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 6.26.09 AM

Lights! I’m off to find more Aleve. Thanks for being patient…

*I guess I’ve seen that Mama  TV spot too many times and subconsciously forgot I can’t whoosh around like that thing does when someone tries to get between her and her kids, or if they’re in danger.

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