The Truth Is Just a Point Of View In Zach Parker’s Dark Indie “Scalene” (Blu-ray / DVD Review at Dread Central )

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As this review says, when non-linear formats work in a film, they really work. This is one of those, and we always love to support indie film.  The review I’m linking to can do way more justice to this indie gem than I currently can. I’ve finally come out of the grip of an off-and-on (mostly on-I couldn’t even crank the volume up as high as I usually do while watching American Horror Story) and need to catch up on some of things I missed out on Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of the day Thursday before I can post my American Horror Story piece for Episode 11.  The movie, which I’ve had on my watch list for months now, is available on Netflix streaming now (if you have HD and your cable service offers the CC service (unless you rent it, which may be better if you have the choice, with the special features) I recommend you use it. The sound quality is fine, but sometimes (and in a couple of key scenes) it’s hard to catch what’s on the other end of a phone conversation.

Also, it’s not for every single mood or horror fan. Nothing spooky or supernatural here, no stalkers/slashers. The reviewer compares is to Requiem For A Dream,  and–WAIT! COME BACK! HEAR ME OUT!  It’s nowhere near as much a brutal gut-punch of a film (leaving you with the emotional equivalent of being kicked down a flight of steps by Darren Aronofsky) but it does make you realize you know, my life could be a hell of a lot worse,  I could be in the wretched life of one of these three main characters. It’s also non-supernatural, more of a dark thriller, and even has an element of a cautionary tale against drug use (never, ever sniff glue, turpentine, paint-thinner, or any other inhalant to get high. It doesn’t matter how bored or desperate you are, it’s not worth it. Even been the least bit tempted? Watch this movie–you’ll know the scene when you see it).  Also, if I can follow the fractured narrative (which never seems contrived or gimmicky) with a headache–not to mention ADD- I doubt the average viewer who has seen a movie before with a non-linear format will have much of a problem.

Read the review, and that should help you decide if you’re in the right state of mind to watch it. I didn’t plan to, but was sucked into the movie within 15 minutes, gave up on waiting till tomorrow to watch it and grabbed a couple Advil, and was riveted, especially by several reveals (that come most often when you switch points of view of the three central characters). Scalene  is worth your time.  Also, Margo Martindale is even more talented than I thought she was… and scarier.

Click Here to read Dread Central’s review of Scalene   (Blu-ray / DVD) | Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central.

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